Eric’s Story: Surviving a Son’s Suicide

Eric Underwood was a successful 27-year-old engineer & actor when he died by suicide in 1995. This book, written by his mother, tells the story of his life & death as well as her struggle to go on living & survive this devastating loss.

The Function of Theory in Suicide Research

This document presents the highlights of an overview of the current research into suicidal behavior in terms of its pragmatic versus theoretical focus, & offers an argument for the value of strengthening the theoretical grounding of the field.

The Anatomy of Suicidology: a Psychological Science Perspective on the Status of Suicide Research

In this article the author argues the importance of theoretical grounding for research into suicidal behaviors from the perspective of psychological science. He provides examples of this perspective from his own work, & discusses their implications for future research in the field. (49 refs)

Dynamical Patterns in Bipolar Depression

The authors examined dynamical patterns in the course of bipolar depression. They found that levels of instability in individuals with bipolar depression were related to the liftime severity of depression as well as suicidality during the follow-up period. The nature of attractor patterns for each individual were also examined. Limitations & implications of their results[…]

A Catalyst Model: Guidelines for Doing Crisis Intervention and Brief Therapy From a Process View

The major elements of a catalyst model of crisis & crisis intervention are described. The catalyst model is based on a process view of crisis. Guidelines and intervention options are delineated to help therapists create small yet significant shifts in the escalating solution patterns of client crises. Directions to other resources & implications for future[…]