A Review of Psychiatric Aspects for Termination of Pregnancy

The author discusses psychiatric aspects of termination of pregnancy by reference to articles published on this subject by specialists from several different countries. Recommendations are made for psychiatric guidelines that would assest clinicians in the decision-making process involved in pregnancy termination. Suicide rates for pregnant women are quoted, ranging from 5-7.2% of all female suicides. […]

Book Review-Crime & Aggression in Changing Ceylon: A Sociological Analysis of Homicide, Suicide, and Economic Crime by A L Wood

This is a sociological review of Arthur Lewis Wood’s publication dealing with deviant social behavior. (NBB)

Book Review-Crime and Aggression in Changing Ceylon: A Sociological Analysis of Homicide, Suicide and Economic Crime. by A L Wood

This review critiques ‘Crime & Aggression in Changing Ceylon’. It is a favorable assessment of Professor Wood’s text, stating that it is a stimulating attempt to understand criminal behavior, especially homicide & suicide, in an Asian nation. The reviewer describes the organization, methodology & content of the book, concluding with his opinion of its’ shortcomings. […]

A Socio-Structural Analysis of Murder, Suicide and Economic Crime in Ceylon

This article analyzes deviance in the context of changing Sinhalese society. The author asserts that homicide, suicide & property offences are primarily manifestations of status deprivation for the highest cultivator caste due to land scarcity & the absence of appropriate employment opportunities. (23 refs) (SC)

Pattern of Poisoning in a Developing Agricultural Country

472 cases of poisoning were seen over a 2 year period in Kandy, Ceylon. Overall mortality was 23.7%. The pattern of poisoning differed from western countries in that 49.8% of the cases were due to insecticide poisoning & only 10.7% were due to drugs, including barbituates. Of the fatal cases 51.7% were between the ages […]

Status Integration and Suicide in Ceylon

The theory of status integration provides a quantitative measure which allows a test of the theorem that the suicide rate of a population varies inversely with the degree of status integration. This was tested in ethnic groups & provinces in Ceylon. The support provided for the theorem raises questions about the utility of the concept […]