Multiple suicide attempts associated with addiction to tramadol

Background The opioid tramadol is used as analgesic drug, and more recently was also proposed for the management of major depressive disorder. However, growing evidence suggests a link between opioid system dysfunction and suicidal behaviors, raising the question of tramadol use in view of the high addictive and suicidal risk. Here, we present the case […]

Healthcare utilization and comorbidity shortly before suicide mortality in patients with attention‑deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A nested case–control study

Few studies have analyzed healthcare utilization before suicide among individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This study examined the pattern of healthcare utilization and comorbidities shortly before death among patients with ADHD who died by suicide and compared these data with those of living controls. This study used Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database to identify […]

Factors associated with self-burning among women in reproductive age of Ilam: A case-control study in a western part of Iran

Objective Self-burning is one way that some people choose to commit suicide, and it has been seen in many nations. This problem is considered as an uncommon method in developed countries and a common method of suicide in developing countries. The present study aimed to identify the factors associated with self-burning among Iranian women in […]

Psychological autopsy study and risk factors for suicide in Muslim countries

Background Suicide and risk factors have been poorly studied in the Muslim-majority countries that hinder the formulation of prevention strategies and affect suicide prevention eventually. Objectives We aimed at identifying and analyzing the psychological autopsy studies assessing the risk factors for suicide conducted in Muslim-majority countries. Methods We did a search to trace all the […]

Experiences of a recovery-oriented caring approach to suicidal behavior: A single-case study

Research considering the basis for mental health nurses wanting to enable recovery among people who suffer from suicidal behavior is sparse. The aim of this study is to explore and evaluate how a new recovery-oriented caring approach (ROCA) was experienced by a suicidal patient in a context of close relatives and nurses. A single-case study […]

Delivering the first internationally accessible Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on suicide prevention: A case study and insights into best practice

To date, little guidance exists on how to design safe and effective online programming on sensitive and/or controversial topics. Massive online open courses (MOOCs) represent a unique opportunity for delivering inclusive and accessible teaching to international learner audiences. This paper provides an insight into designing and delivering the first internationally accessible MOOC on suicide prevention in the global context in 2019-highlighting insights into […]

Loneliness, hopelessness and suicide in later life: A case-controlled psychological autopsy study in rural China

Aims: Loneliness is increasingly recognised as a serious public health issue worldwide. However, there is scarce research addressing the association between loneliness and suicide in older adults in rural China. We set out to examine loneliness and other psychosocial factors in elderly suicide cases and explore their interaction effects. Methods: Using a 1 : 1 matched case-control […]

Suicide ideation and behavior as risk factors for subsequent suicide in schizophrenia: A nested case-control study

Objective To investigate suicide ideation and behavior as risk factors for suicide in schizophrenia during varying time periods. Method Cases were 84 patients who died by suicide within 5 years from diagnosis in a source population of patients discharged for the first time from psychiatric hospitals in Stockholm County, Sweden, with a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis. One […]

A psychological and social perspective on completed suicides in Western Anatolia, Turkey: A case-control psychological autopsy study

Objective: Aim of this study was an evaluation of the completed suicide rate as well as exploring what associated psychological and social factors might have increased the risk of death from suicide. Method: The study examines all adult suicide cases in the Province of Denizli that occurred between January 2009 and December 2010. In addition […]

A public health approach in responding to the spread of helium suicide in Hong Kong: A case report

Background: The use of the helium suicide method has been increasing in popularity in Hong Kong since 2012. We have learned a valuable lesson in curbing the spread of charcoal burning (CB) suicide in the past 15 years and hope to prevent the helium suicide method from taking off in the community. Aims: To document what actions have […]

Navigating undiagnosed dissociative identity disorder in the inpatient setting: A case report.

BACKGROUND: This case illustrates previously undiagnosed dissociative identity disorder (DID) in a middle-aged female with extensive childhood trauma, who was high functioning prior to a trigger that caused a reemergence of her symptoms. The trigger sparked a dissociative state, attempted suicide, and subsequent inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. OBJECTIVE: Practitioners should include in their differential and screen […]

Case study research project findings: The national standard of Canada for psychological health and safety in the workplace 2014-2017.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) initiated the three-year Case Study Research Project (CSRP) in 2014. Its purpose was to investigate the progress of Canadian organizations which were implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (the Standard). A unique set of assessment measures were created to evaluate […]

Risk assessment and suicide by patients with schizophrenia in secondary mental healthcare: A case-control study.

Objectives To investigate the role of risk assessment in predicting suicide in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders (SSDs) receiving secondary mental healthcare. We postulated that risk assessment plays a limited role in predicting suicide in these patients. Design Retrospective case–control study. Setting Anonymised electronic mental health record data from the South London and Maudsley National […]

Case report of body dysmorphic disorder in a suicidal patient.

Few reports exist about the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) in patients who are suicidal. This case report describes a 19-year-old male with BDD who had delusional-intensity beliefs about facial disfigurement that had gradually intensified over a 2-year period. However, he was initially misdiagnosed with depression partly because he was admitted immediately after a suicide […]

Suicide among the armed forces: Understanding the cost of suicide.


Suicide prevention strategies: Case studies from across the globe (IN: International handbook of suicide prevention: Research, policy and practice, edited by R.C. O’Connor, S.Platt & J. Gordon)

Describes theoretical aspects such as the familiar primary, secondary, and tertiary model of suicide prevention, and compares it with the US Institute of Medicine model which adopts universal, selective, and indicated approaches.

Autopsy of a suicidal mind.

Autopsy of a Suicidal Mind is a uniquely intensive psychological analysis of a suicidal mind. In this poignant scientific study, Edwin S. Shneidman, a founder of the field of suicidology, assembles an extraordinary cast of eight renowned experts to analyze the suicidal materials, including a ten-page suicide note, given to him by a distraught mother […]

Thinking about suicide: Contemplating and comprehending the urge to die.


Suicide assessment and prevention for older adults: Life saving tools for health care providers.


An essay on loss of self versus escape from self in suicide: Illustrative cases from diaries left by those who died by suicide.

Michael Chandler (1994) has described how suicide can result from a loss of a sense of self, while Roy Baumeister (1990) has described how suicide can be an attempt to escape from the self. Their published theories are presented in a very abstract manner, and the present essay presents examples from two individuals who died […]

Treatment following a near fatal suicide attempt.

This series of discussions is about a patient we call David who made a near lethal suicide attempt. Fortuitously he was found alive and entered the mental health system, where his treatment and recovery began. Parts of this discussion were initially presented at the AAS. Contact us for a copy of this article, or view […]

Case Studies in Suicide: Experiences of Mental Health Professionals

This book of 15 case studies was created to describe the clinical & personal experiences of counsellors & mental health professionals who have served suicidal clients. The case vignettes are true, changed only to protect client anonymity. Each case provides practical, realistic, & useful guidance for assessment & treatment.

Police Suicide: we may Never Know the Answer (IN: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

The title of a newspaper article, “We may Never Know the Answer” served as the impetus to search for possible answers to the complex problems of police stress & suicide. 2 incidents in Naperville, Illinois are provided as illustration. This chapter attempts to bring forward some of the reasons for police officer stress, discusses some […]