Homicide, suicide, or accident? Complex differential diagnosis. A case series

Distinguishing between homicides, suicides, and accidental deaths remains a challenging task. The examination of actual cases, which involve a multitude of variables, significantly contributes to our understanding of these matters. In this context, we present three distinct cases that required the involvement of various specialists to conduct a thorough analysis of the manner of death. In the […]

Association between the mood stabilizing treatment of bipolar disorder and risk of suicide attempts: A self-controlled case series study

Bipolar disorder (BPD) is associated with high rates of suicide attempts but the anti-suicidal effect of mood stabilizing agents remains unclear. This study aimed to examine the association between mood stabilizing agents (lithium, valproate, lamotrigine, carbamazepine or antipsychotics) and risk of suicide attempts in patients with BPD using self-controlled case series study design. Among 14,087 […]

Suicide risk in obsessive-compulsive disorder: A case report

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a chronic psychiatric disorder characterized by obsessions and compulsions. It affects about 2.5% of people throughout their life and usually emerges in infancy/adolescence or early adulthood. Despite high levels of suffering and disability, high comorbidity rates, and low treatment response rates, suicidal behavior associated with this disorder was traditionally considered a […]

Recent GP consultation before death by suicide in middle-aged males: A national consecutive case series study

Background Reducing suicide risk in middle-aged males (40–54 years) is a national priority. People have often presented to their GP within 3 months before suicide thus highlighting an opportunity for early intervention. Aim To describe the sociodemographic characteristics and identify antecedents in middle-aged males who recently consulted a GP before dying by suicide. Design and […]

Physical illness and suicide risk in rural residents of contemporary China: A psychological autopsy case-control study

Background: Physical illness is linked with an increased risk of suicide; however, evidence from China is limited. Aims: To assess the influence of physical illness on risk of suicide among rural residents of China, and to examine the differences in the characteristics of people completing suicide with physical illness from those without physical illness. Method: In all, 200 suicide cases […]

Internet comments elicited by media portrayal of a familicide-suicide case

Background: Events of extraordinary violence attract media attention. Recently, much media reporting has moved to the Internet, giving readers the possibility to comment online. Aims: To analyze the content of public cognitions and the emotional tonality of attitudes expressed in spontaneous Internet comments on a familicide-suicide case reported in the Estonian media. Methods: A content analysis is based on the […]

How Henry Hellyer’s use of language foretold his suicide

Henry Hellyer was an accomplished surveyor and explorer in Australia in the early 1800s whose apparent suicide at the age of 42 has puzzled historians for generations. He left behind several written works, including letters, journals, and reports. Aims: The current study assessed changes in the ways Hellyer used words in his various written documents during […]

Research participation experiences of informants of suicide and control cases: Taken from a case-control psychological autopsy study of people who died by suicide

Background: Ethical issues have been raised about using the psychological autopsy approach in the study of suicide. The impact on informants of control cases who participated in case-control psychological autopsy studies has not been investigated. Aims: (1) To investigate whether informants of suicide cases recruited by two approaches (coroners’ court and public mortuaries) respond differently to the […]

Suicide in adolescents: A case study

Suicidal behavior is the most violent behavior that a person commits against himself. Suicidal behavior is a complex form of behavior in which biological, psychological, cultural, environmental and social factors are effective together,  which deeply affect the individual, his environment, society and subsequent generations. The etiology of suicidal behavior in adolescents includes problems such as […]

Heat-related mortality in U.S. state and private prisons: A case-crossover analysis

Rising temperatures and heatwaves increase mortality. Many of the subpopulations most vulnerable to heat-related mortality are in prisons, facilities that may exacerbate temperature exposures. Yet, there is scare literature on the  impacts of heat among incarcerated populations. We analyzed data on mortality in U.S. state and private prisons from 2001–2019 linked to daily maximum temperature […]

Assessing the healthcare utilization of youth who died by suicide: A case-control study

Objective Suicide is the second leading cause of death in youth ten years old or older. Healthcare utilization prior to death by suicide is high in adults, but there is conflicting evidence in youth. The objective of this study was to compare healthcare utilization in youth who died by suicide to youth who died in […]

Suicide response in American Muslim communities: A community case study

This community case study describes the experiences of two neighboring Muslim communities in the United States, following respective incidents of suicide. Case summaries are first presented to contextualize the community  response to the suicides. Subsequently, the discussion highlights relevant cultural and religious factors that impacted the responses of mosque leadership, mental health professionals, and the […]

Pain conditions and suicide attempts in military veterans: A case-control design

Objective Specific pain conditions such as back pain and migraines are associated with increased risk of suicide mortality after accounting for key covariates. The purpose of the current study was to assess the associations of specific pain conditions with suicide attempts. Design Case-control Setting Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Subjects Individuals who utilized VHA services with […]

Multiple suicide attempts associated with addiction to tramadol

Background The opioid tramadol is used as analgesic drug, and more recently was also proposed for the management of major depressive disorder. However, growing evidence suggests a link between opioid system dysfunction and suicidal behaviors, raising the question of tramadol use in view of the high addictive and suicidal risk. Here, we present the case […]

Healthcare utilization and comorbidity shortly before suicide mortality in patients with attention‑deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A nested case–control study

Few studies have analyzed healthcare utilization before suicide among individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This study examined the pattern of healthcare utilization and comorbidities shortly before death among patients with ADHD who died by suicide and compared these data with those of living controls. This study used Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database to identify […]

Factors associated with self-burning among women in reproductive age of Ilam: A case-control study in a western part of Iran

Objective Self-burning is one way that some people choose to commit suicide, and it has been seen in many nations. This problem is considered as an uncommon method in developed countries and a common method of suicide in developing countries. The present study aimed to identify the factors associated with self-burning among Iranian women in […]

Psychological autopsy study and risk factors for suicide in Muslim countries

Background Suicide and risk factors have been poorly studied in the Muslim-majority countries that hinder the formulation of prevention strategies and affect suicide prevention eventually. Objectives We aimed at identifying and analyzing the psychological autopsy studies assessing the risk factors for suicide conducted in Muslim-majority countries. Methods We did a search to trace all the […]

Experiences of a recovery-oriented caring approach to suicidal behavior: A single-case study

Research considering the basis for mental health nurses wanting to enable recovery among people who suffer from suicidal behavior is sparse. The aim of this study is to explore and evaluate how a new recovery-oriented caring approach (ROCA) was experienced by a suicidal patient in a context of close relatives and nurses. A single-case study […]

Delivering the first internationally accessible Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on suicide prevention: A case study and insights into best practice

To date, little guidance exists on how to design safe and effective online programming on sensitive and/or controversial topics. Massive online open courses (MOOCs) represent a unique opportunity for delivering inclusive and accessible teaching to international learner audiences. This paper provides an insight into designing and delivering the first internationally accessible MOOC on suicide prevention in the global context in 2019-highlighting insights into […]

Loneliness, hopelessness and suicide in later life: A case-controlled psychological autopsy study in rural China

Aims: Loneliness is increasingly recognised as a serious public health issue worldwide. However, there is scarce research addressing the association between loneliness and suicide in older adults in rural China. We set out to examine loneliness and other psychosocial factors in elderly suicide cases and explore their interaction effects. Methods: Using a 1 : 1 matched case-control […]

Suicide ideation and behavior as risk factors for subsequent suicide in schizophrenia: A nested case-control study

Objective To investigate suicide ideation and behavior as risk factors for suicide in schizophrenia during varying time periods. Method Cases were 84 patients who died by suicide within 5 years from diagnosis in a source population of patients discharged for the first time from psychiatric hospitals in Stockholm County, Sweden, with a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis. One […]

A psychological and social perspective on completed suicides in Western Anatolia, Turkey: A case-control psychological autopsy study

Objective: Aim of this study was an evaluation of the completed suicide rate as well as exploring what associated psychological and social factors might have increased the risk of death from suicide. Method: The study examines all adult suicide cases in the Province of Denizli that occurred between January 2009 and December 2010. In addition […]

A public health approach in responding to the spread of helium suicide in Hong Kong: A case report

Background: The use of the helium suicide method has been increasing in popularity in Hong Kong since 2012. We have learned a valuable lesson in curbing the spread of charcoal burning (CB) suicide in the past 15 years and hope to prevent the helium suicide method from taking off in the community. Aims: To document what actions have […]