Preventing suicide: A resource for suicide case registration

The aim of this publication is to provide a resource on how to establish or improve registration systems for suicide mortality. This includes: • The identification of deaths due to suicide; • Death certification of suicide cases using the International Classification of Diseases; • Coverage of suicide registration systems (in cases where the suicide reporting […]

Evaluation of the quality of cause of death statistics in rural China using verbal autopsies.

Death registration systems in rural China are in a developmental stage. The Disease Surveillance Points (DSP) system provides the only nationally representative information on causes of death. In this system, there are no standard procedures or instruments for ascertaining causes of death; hence available statistics require careful evaluation before use. Contact us for a copy […]

Systemic vulnerabilities to suicide among veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts: review of case reports from a National Veterans Affairs database.

While suicide among recently returned veterans is of great concern, it is a relatively rare occurrence within individual hospitals and clinics. Root cause analysis (RCA) generates a detailed case report that can be used to identify system-based vulnerabilities following an adverse event. Review of a national database of RCA reports may identify common vulnerabilities and […]

A pilot study on a knowledge-based case library to support suicide risk assessment.

This article describes the system development processes for an electronic case library, built to facilitate and support the suicide prevention service provided by a social service organization in Hong Kong. It is a knowledge management system in which both Ôrule-based reasoningÕ (RBR) and Ôcase-based reasoningÕ (CBR) are adopted. Initial test results, potentials and limitations of […]

Trends in Adult Suicides in New Mexico: Utilizing Data from the New Mexico Violent Death Reporting System

The authors utilized data collected by the New Mexico Violent Death Reporting System in 2005-2006 in order to define the demographic patterns of adult suicides in the state & to characterize risk factors. A total of 526 suicides occurred during this period, with the majority of victims being male & white non-Hispanics. The highest incidence […]

Use of the National Register of Medico-Legal Autopsies in Epidemiological Suicide Research

This study sought to determine the reliability of the Finnish National Register of Medicolegal Autopsies by comparing its data with cause-of-death statistics published by the Central Statistical Office of Finland & to assess its usefulness for epidemiological forensic research. The comprehensivesness of the register over the period 1986-1991 was studied in general terms & tested […]

Communication of Suicide Intent by Schizophrenic Subjects: Data From the Queensland Suicide Register

The Queensland Suicide Register was used to identify suicide cases. Frequency of suicide communication was examined in subjects with schizophrenia, & compared with persons with other psychiatric conditions & with subjects with no reported diagnosis. Subjects with a reported diagnosis of schizophrenia comprised 7.2% (135 cases) of the 1,863 suicides included in this study. Subjects […]

Inquested Deaths in Ireland: a Study of Routine Data and Recording Procedures. Summary Report

This report provides a summary of findings related to the Death Registration and Cause of Death Determination System in Ireland. Findings arising from the analysis of data recorded on Form 104 are presented. Recommendations are made relating to new initiatives, the existing Form 104, the death registration system, & research.

Inquested Deaths in Ireland: a Study of Routine Data and Recording Procedures. Technical Report

The general objective of this study was to analyse the data recorded on the expanded version of Form 104, used in death investigations in Ireland. The present report begins with a summary of findings related to the death registration & cause of death determination system; a summary of findings arising from the analysis of data […]

Update From Sri Lankan Twin Registry: Establishment of a Population-Based Twin Register and Ongoing Project on Common Mental Disorders, Alcohol Abuse and Suicidal Ideations

This article reports on a door-to-door survey used to create a population-based twin register in Sri Lanka. The goal of this survey was to identify twins older than 18 years. A similar methodology was also used to identify a nontwin sample in order to determinate the degree to which twins were representative of the wider […]

An Exploration of Human Services System Contacts Prior to Suicide in South Carolina: an Expansion of the South Carolina Violent Death Reporting System

Year 2004 suicide data from the South Carolina Violent Death Reporting System were linked to South Carolina Uniform Billing codes from hospital inpatient & emergency room billing records, State Dpartment of Mental Healthh service records, & criminal justice databases. Results shows the positive benefits of partnerships created through the South Carolina Violent Death Reporting System, […]

Using NVDRS Data for Suicide Prevention: Promising Practices in Seven States

States included in this study: Alaska, Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, & Virginia.

Sooner Versus Later: Factors Associated With Temporal Sequencing of Suicide

In this prospective population-based study, the National Health Interview Survey (1986-1994) was linked to the National Death Index (1986-1997) to assess factors that predict recent (within 12 months of interview) suicide versus suicide further in the future (more than 12 months after interview). Of the 653 completed suicides, 13.4% died within a year of interview […]

Nonfatal and Fatal Self-Harm Injuries Among Children Ages 10-14 Years – United States and Oregon, 2001-2003

Fatal and nonfatal injuries due to suicidal behavior among younger adolescents are of growing concern for many communities. We examined the incidence and patterns of these injuries among persons aged 10–14 years using three databases, two national and a third from Oregon. Suffocation and firearm gunshot were the leading external causes of suicide; poisoning and […]

Postmarketing Surveillance of Suicidal Adverse Events With Pediatric use of Antidepressants

Suicide Attempts in Israel: age by Gender Analysis of a National Emergency Departments Database


Epidemiology of Nonfatal Deliberate Self-harm in the United States as Described in Three Medical Databases

This study compares estimated rates of intentional self-harm from 2 ongoing surveys (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program; National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey) to data from the Toxic Exposure Surveillance System. Results suggest that, for every 2002-2003 suicide, there were 12 (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program) or 15 (National Hospital Ambulatory […]

Suicide Research Based on Danish Registers


Register for Suicide Attempts

This article describes the Register for Suicide Attempts (RSA) that was developed during the WHO/Euro Multicentre Study on Parasuicide. The RSA is a longitudinal, person-based register that contains information about people who have been in contact with the health care system in the County of Funen as a result of a suicide. It contains 11 […]

Contacts to the Health Care System Prior to Suicide: a Comprehensive Analysis Using Registers for General and Psychiatric Hospital Admissions, Contacts to General Practitioners and Practising Specialists and Drug Prescriptions

This study investigated suicides’ contacts with various parts of the health care system. Data on 472 people who completed suicide in a Danish country in the period April 1991-December 1995 were searched in the Danish Psychiatric Central Register, the National Patient Register, the National Health Insurance, & Odense Pharmacoepidemiologic Database. 97.5% of the subjects were […]

Attempted Suicide Treatment and Outcome: a Clinical Psychiatric Study


A new Scheme/Anti-Suicide

Cluster Suicide Episodes: Issues and Concerns for Native Communities

This piece begins with a quote from David Clark, a psychologist from the Center for Suicide Research & Prevention. The quote describes the problem of suicide in youths. The term “suicide clusters” is defined & its history is illustrated. This work contains suggestions for community responses to suicide clusters in Native American communities. It is […]