Association between cannabis use disorder and self- and other-directed aggression

Cannabis is the most widely used drug worldwide. Data about the association of cannabis use with aggression is heterogeneous. The objective of the current study was to assess the nature of the association between cannabis use disorder (CUD) and self-directed, other-directed, and combined aggression. We used data from the National Survey on Drug Use and […]

Seasonal Differences in Suicide Birth Rate in Alaska Natives Compared to Other Populations

Seasonal differences in suicide birth rates among Alaska Natives & for populations at different latitudes (resident of the Yukon, Saskatchewan, Montana, Wyoming, & Pennsylvania) were investigated. Seasonal birth rates for the general population were similarly examined. Suicide birth rates showed small seasonal variations for Alaska Natives with summer births showing more suicides. However, at lower […]

Honouring Ourselves: a Cultural Exploration in Grieving. A Five-day Workshop Prepared for Hospice Yukon


A Life That Slipped Through the Cracks

This article describes the case of a Yukon inmate, David Algar, who committed suicide once he was released from jail. Most of Algar’s life was spent in foster homes, jails & psychiatric institutions. The author asserts the Yukon needs a mental health home for people who need a supervised setting to function. (VM)

“We Need Someone to Talk To” Yukoners’ Views on the High Rate of Suicide in the Territory

This Yukon Task Report proposes measures to help decrease the high suicide rate. The suggestions include: intervention & prevention, improved self-esteem, education, meaningful employment, community involvement, emergency 911 numbers, & more mental health services. The report also outlines contributing factors to the high suicide rate, such as alcohol & drug abuse, unemployment & family violence. […]

Incidence of Suicide Among the Ethnic Groups of the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory

A study of suicides in the Yukon and Northwest Territories over the period 1959-64 has disclosed the fact that the suicide rates in both Territories are higher than the average Canadian rate and that the incidence among Eskimos is no higher than that in the white population although, during the first half of this cnetury, […]

Suicides — Yukon and Northwest Territories

This study is based on RCMP records of suicidal deaths in the NWT & Yukon Territory for the period of 1959-1964. Demographic data is provided for both attempted & completed suicides by location, race, sex, age, martial status, number of children, employment, & method. Some significant findings were:a rate of 37.6/100,000 among Yukon indians; 18.8/100,000 […]

Suicide and Attempted Suicide in the Yukon Territory

Studied all suicides & attempted suicides in the Yukon Territory during 1970 & 1971. The 19 suicides yielded a raw rate of 52/100,000, 4 times the Canadian rate. Suicides were more frequent in late winter & early fall than at other times of the year. Successful suicides were mainly by men; median age was in […]

The “Burnt Child Reaction” Among the Yukon Eskimos

This article describes an anthropological study of Eskimos in the Yukon. A cultural background of this region & a psychoanalytic study of the inhabitants based on Rorschach testing are provided. Explicitly discussed are issues of child rearing, the phenomenon of arctic hysteria, & incidents of suicide among the population. (114 refs) (SC)