Association between cannabis use disorder and self- and other-directed aggression

Cannabis is the most widely used drug worldwide. Data about the association of cannabis use with aggression is heterogeneous. The objective of the current study was to assess the nature of the association between cannabis use disorder (CUD) and self-directed, other-directed, and combined aggression. We used data from the National Survey on Drug Use and […]

Health disparity by neighbourhood income.


Integration of Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention Approach: the Perspective of Youth

After Suicide Support/When you Lose a Loved one to Suicide

Information on After Suicide, a Saskatoon based non-profit organization run by survivors of suicide, is given. After Suicide provides support to survivors in a one-on-one, group, & community setting. Information on the exact nature of their support is provided. Included are some words from a member of After Suicide who lost her 18 year-old son […]