System entrapment: Dehumanization while help-seeking for suicidality in women who have experienced intimate partner violence

Attention to power imbalances when seeking help for suicidality after having been controlled within intimate partner violence (IPV) is crucial in improving health care delivery. Well documented in the literature is the correlation between suicidality and IPV and that help-seeking for each is difficult; however, a gap exists when both intersect. The process of women’s […]

Connecting to Life: Provincial Suicide Prevention Program. Program Description – September 2007

This booklet describes the New Brunswick Provincial Suicide Prevention Program. It outlines the principles & goals & the program model. Risk & protective factors are summarized. The structure of the program is discussed as is the Community Suicide Prevention Committee. The text is available in English and French.

Research Project Comparing Suicide Mortality Cases and Suicide Attempts in New Brunswick Between April 2002 and May 2003

Text is available in French & English.

Suicide in New Brunswick 1987-1995

Coping and Suicidal Ideations in Women With Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

This exploratory descriptive study used secondary data from a study of women who experienced symptoms of postpartum depression to examine the relationship between coping mechanisms & suicide ideation. Convenience & purposive sampling were used to obtain a community sample of 40 women in Alberta & New Brunswick. Binary logistic regression was employed. Approximately 27% of […]

Original Research. Systematic Services Audit of Consecutive Suicides in New Brunswick: The Case for Coordinating Specialist Mental Health and Addiction Services


Suicide Cases in New Brunswick From April 2002 to May 2003: the Importance of Better Recognizing Substance and Mood Disorder Comorbidity

All suicide cases that occurred in New Brunswick during April 2002-May 2003 were investigated to determine 6-month & lifetime prevalence rates of psychopathology in the deceased. 2 psychological autopsy methods were used: direct proxy-based interviews & medical chart reviews, & telephone contacts with informants. Of the 109 suicide deaths identified by the coroner, 102 were […]

Research Project on Deaths by Suicide in New Brunswick Between April 2002 and May 2003


New Brunswick Suicide Prevention Program

New Brunswick First Nations Task Force on Suicide Prevention

Big Cove First Nation Project number: RB-175-NB: Case study report Big Cove Youth Intervention Project (Youth Initiative)

Big Cove First Nation, Project Number: RB-175-NB

Suicide Weather?

The authors investigate 2 fatalities out of a total of 38 suicidal emergencies which occured during a period of rapid weather changes in the winter of 1980-81. Demographic characteristics of these two samples, as compared to 28 other psychiatric emergencies presenting with non-specific restlessness during the same period were used as the basis for speculation […]

2002 Study on Youth Distress in Rural New Brunswick: Final Report – Qualitative Creative Evaluation

The 2002 Qualitative Study on Youth Distress in Rural New Brunswick was undertaken as part of a social marketing project funded by Health Canada & sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association. The study was conducted to evaluate four creative concepts developed to provide youth with further information on distress. This report provides an overview […]

Provincial Suicide Prevention Program: Program Description

This document is in English & French.

The Cost of Suicide Mortality in New Brunswick, 1996

This study estimates the economic impact of suicide deaths that occurred in New Brunswick in 1996, using the human capital approach. For the 94 suicides, direct costs for health care services, autopsies, funerals & police investigations were $535,158.32. Indirect costs were $79,353,354.56. The mean total cost estimate of each suicide was $849,877.80. Although the most […]

Suicide Prevention in New Brunswick

This pamphlet briefly discusses facts about suicide in New Brunswick & reviews the activities of the provincial & community suicide prevention committees. The prevention, intervention & postvention strategies of these committees are outlined. Telephone numbers for mental health agencies in New Brunswick are provided. The text of the pamphlet is in both French and English.

Suicide Prevention Program of New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s suicide prevention program is described. There are 3 main target groups: youth, elderly & the general public. A crisis intervention model has been adopted, which consists of prevention, intervention & postvention. Actions under “prevention” include awareness sessions, changes in school curriculum & media kits. Intervention consists of first-aid & long-term intervention. Postvention programs […]

Health of Adolescent Girls: Principles and Recommendations/A Background Paper on the Health of Adolescent Girls

This background paper (in English & French) presents data on the health of adolescent girls in New Brunswick. Topics which were examined include: nutritional status, eating disorders, teenage pregnancy & abortion, non-medical drug use, physical activity & mental health (self-esteem, depression & suicide). An overview of health services available to adolescent girls accompanies each topic.

First Annual Report – Provincial Suicide Prevention Committee: Submitted to the Mental Health Commission of New Brunswick

This annual report provides an overview of the operations of the Provincial Suicide Prevention Committee, New Brunswick for the period April 1993-March 1994. Numerous tables & graphs provide 1993 statistics on, among other things: the number of suicides (115); the rate of suicide (15.89/100,000); methods used; & gender differences. All information is available in both […]

Big Cove Suicide Prevention Program: Final Report

This report describes the components of a suicide prevention program established in Big Cove, New Brunswick in response to a rash of suicides which occurred during the summer of 1992, as well as prevention, intervention & postvention activities undertaken during the first year. The comprehensive program also focuses on family violence & community development. The […]

Inquest on the Big Cove Reserve, Kent County, NB – 30 Nov. to 11 Dec. 92 – Into the Deaths of Donnie Sanipass, Anthony Sacobie, David Augustine and Keith Augustine

This article reports the findings and recommendations of the coroner’s jury at the inquest into the deaths of Donnie Sanipass, Anthony Scobie, David Augustine and Keith Augustine. The Jury found that each of the deceased came to their deaths as a result of asphyxia due to strangulation by hanging.

New Brunswick Model of Suicide Prevention

Ossie Leblanc made a presentation on New Bunswick’s model of suicide prevention. Target groups, for this program included: youth, whose suicide rates are growing quickly; seniors, who consistently show the highest suicide rates; and the general public, to build awareness of the warning signs of suicide. The New Brunswick Mental Health Commission adopted the “crisis […]

Guidelines in Dealing With the Media in the Event of a Suicide

This manuscript presents guidelines which will allow public officials & news organizations to communicate information on suicide in a way that does not encourage imitative behaviour & that allows journalists to presents newsworthy information. 11 guidelines are given for accomplishing these objectives. An appendix gives examples of stories which have a high and low potential […]