Initial findings from a novel school-based program, EMPATHY, which may help reduce depression and suicidality in youth.

We describe initial pilot findings from a novel school-based approach to reduce youth depression and suicidality, the Empowering a Multimodal Pathway Towards Healthy Youth (EMPATHY) program. Here we present the findings from the pilot cohort of 3,244 youth aged 11Ð18 (Grades 6-12). They were screened for depression, suicidality, anxiety, use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco […]

Consumer and Family Mental Health Services Manual

This manual provides an overview of the mental health system in Central Alberta. Contents include information on: accessing services; schizophrenia; taking care of yourself; depression; manic depression; choosing a therapist; income assistance; the Mental Health Act of Alberta; & mental health services in Central Alberta. It concludes with a glossary of terms & a brief […]

Alberta Regional Suicide Data

This kit contains rates of suicide & other data for regions of Alberta including Calgary, Cold Lake, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer for the period 1987 to 1992.

Philosophy of Suicide Awareness Thro (sic) Volunteered Efforts (S.A.V.E.)

The Red Deer Suicide Awareness Through Volunteered Efforts was developed to be a comprehensive training opportunity for volunteers of the Suicide Prevention Society of Red Deer program. The premise is that, if individuals will be representing the program in the community, it is essential that they obtain knowledge and skills not only on the information […]

Crisis Response Team School Postvention Guidelines

This postvention protocol was developed for the Central Alberta School Systems as recommended guidelines for action following sudden death (of staff as well as student). The manual consists of Response Team Action Plan Guidelines, role definitions of team members & information to assist school staff in dealing with grieving students in the follow-up period.

Building Bridges: Facilitating Adult-Youth Communication

These proceedings describe a Peer Support Team training package developed by Red Deer Suicide Prevention Services. The purpose of the training is to examine some of the attitudes & communication barriers that inhibit youth from seeking help from adults. The unique aspect of this package is that adults & youths are co-participants in the training. […]

Suicide Awareness Thru Volunteered Efforts

This pamphlet outlines the volunteer opportunities available through Red Deer Suicide Prevention Services. Benefits to the volunteer & to the community are highlighted as are the skills that volunteers might learn.

Public Education Presentation Manual 1991. An Education Package Designed for: Teens – Peer Support Groups

This manual outlines an approximately 2 hour presentation on the prevention of suicide, focussing on help-seeking behavior. It includes general guidelines for the presentor, role play scenarios, case studies, presentation handouts, homework assignments, & base informational material for the presentor. It also has sections on attitudes toward suicide, warning signs, myths, stressors, depression, & communication, […]

Public Suicide Bereavement Presentation

This presentation is aimed at providing a greater understanding of suicide & ways to cope with feelings of being left behind. Includes a review of suicide indicators, precipitating factors & suggestions for intervention. Discussion of bereavement includes manifestations of grief, reactions to suicide, stages of grief, tasks of mourning & criteria for completion of mourning. […]

Professional Suicide Bereavement Workshop

This presentation is aimed at helping mental health practitioners better understand bereavement, with special focus placed upon issues relating to loss by suicide. Areas covered include indicators of suicide, precipitating factors, interventions, manifestations of normal grief, reactions to suicide, stages of grief, assessment of bereavement & grief therapy (criteria for & interventions). Handouts are included. […]

Community Interagency Suicide Prevention Program: Annual Report

The Red Deer Suicide Prevention Program’s annual report (Nov 1 1984 to Dec 31 1985) documents sequentially the events that have helped the organization to meet its mandate & gain acceptance in the community. These events are discussed under the headings of Prevention, Intervention, Postvention, Coordination, & Evaluation. The appendix contains a Statement of Goals […]

Proposed Plan for a Suicide Prevention Service in the City of Red Deer and Area

This proposal, dated Mar 21 1984, was presented to the Red Deer Alternative Futures Board by the Suicide Prevention Crisis Intervention Advisory Committee. The Table of contents lists an introductory statement and 7 separate headings: Core Agency Roles & Functions, Coordination of Services, Procedural Plans, Coordination of Client Treatment Programs, Public Awareness & Training, Budget, […]