Protocol Survey 1993/94

The primary purpose of this survey was to gather baseline data in several areas. Community agencies in southwest Alberta were surveyed. With regard to protocol development, questions asked included: did the protocols increase community coordination for more effective referral of clients; did protocols identify gaps in services & help to determine which agency could best[…]

Suicide Prevention: 2000 & Beyond. A Conference for Professionals, Community Members, and Individuals Affected by a Suicide or Suicide Attempt

This booklet presents information on a conference held in Lethbridge, Alberta in May 2000 on suicide prevention. A brief description of the sessions held at the conference is provided. Some articles are also included.

Cooperative Integration Community Development Model: Using Suicide Prevention in Rural Communities as an Operational Example

This paper discusses the necessary components of the COIN (COoperative INtegration) Model developed by the author & outlines how its strategies were utilized to effectively respond to a number of suicide attempts in a school system. The 10 steps of the model are described. Certain underlying factors which must be understood in order to effectively[…]

Sharing our Loss: Self-Help Support Group for Families & Friends Bereaved by Suicide

This pamphlet provides information about a bereavement support group in Lethbridge, Alberta. The philosophy, format, leadership style, meeting place & times, & contact people are outlined. Three stages of suicide bereavement – numbness & shock, loss & disorganization, & acceptance & reorganization, are briefly discussed. A short poem, “Sharing the Grief” is printed on the[…]

Suicide-Related Articles and Papers; a Catalogue of Items in the Menno Boldt Collection at the Suicide Prevention Society of The Samaritans of Southern Alberta, Lethbridge, Alberta.

Factors Affecting the Acceptability of Assisted Suicide

Suicide Prevention Unit

A teaching unit on suicide aimed at grade nine Alberta students.

Report on Attempted Suicide 1995/1996 for Southwest Alberta

Suicide Prevention in Canada

This article provides a snapshot of The Samaritans of Southern Alberta, (the only Canadian member organization of Befrienders International), against a backdrop of other suicide prevention activities in Alberta. Samaritan program activities, volunteer issues and collaboration with other community agencies are discussed. The benefits of implementing a series of limitations on specific chronic telephone callers[…]

Evaluating a Mobile Crisis Intervention Program: What is the Process?

The Crisis Intervention & Community Support Program (CICSP) of Lethbridge evaluated program effectiveness using referral follow-ups, client surveys & tracking the rates of hospitalizations. The Goal Attainment Follow-up Guide (GAFG) & the Brief Derogatis Psychiatric Rating Scale (B-DPRS) were used to measure movement toward or away from the identified goals. In addition, satisfaction surveys were[…]