Association between cannabis use disorder and self- and other-directed aggression

Cannabis is the most widely used drug worldwide. Data about the association of cannabis use with aggression is heterogeneous. The objective of the current study was to assess the nature of the association between cannabis use disorder (CUD) and self-directed, other-directed, and combined aggression. We used data from the National Survey on Drug Use and […]

Suicide clusters and contagion: Brief for addictions and mental health, Alberta Health Services.

Grande Prairie and area experienced a cluster of suicide between April and June 2012 — 8 suicides were reported to the Suicide Prevention Resource Centre. The high school had been previously affected by the deaths of 4 high school football players in a motor vehicle crash in the fall of 2011. In the days, weeks […]

Men at Risk

This pamphlet describes the Men at Risk program. This program is targeted to adult men working in the trades, industry, & agriculture, & those who interact with them. Program content includes information on healthy ways to cope with problems, what to do if someone is at risk of suicide, & resources for getting help.

Literature Review: Men at Risk Suicide Prevention Program Evaluation

The authors were engaged by the Alberta Mental Health Board to do a formative evaluation of the Men at Risk Program, developed in Grande Prairie, Alberta. In addition to stakeholder consultation, a literature review was completed to summarize up-to-date research regarding workplace stress, suicide prevention programs, & the mental health provision challenges related specifically to […]

Agricultural Service Provider Suicide Awareness Presentation

The kit also contains an adaptation of this presentation for trade & industry workers.

The Race is not Only for the Swift but for Those who Keep on Running. Preventing Suicide in men

Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities: Suicide Prevention in Men Project

L.earning I.nformed F.unctional E.nriched Life Kit

Suicide Prevention Program

This article reviews the activities of the Alberta Northwest Region’s Suicide Prevention Program, based in Grande Prairie. The program serves the largest geographical area in the province. The following aspects of the program are discussed: principles; unique challenges; brochures; “The Breakfast Club” – a program for teens; firearm safety; and Native problems.

Getting Help

This 2-page pamphlet produced by the Suicide Prevention Program in Grande Prairie lists resources that adolescents may access. Community agencies are grouped under the following headings: 1) abuse, violence, crime; 2) crisis lines; 3) thoughts & feelings; 4) birth control, pregnancy, sexuality, AIDS; 5) drugs/alcohol; 6) drop-in community centres; 7) legal help; & 8) other […]

Alberta Regional Suicide Data

This kit contains rates of suicide & other data for regions of Alberta including Calgary, Cold Lake, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer for the period 1987 to 1992.

Suicide Prevention in the Northwest Region of Alberta

This pamphlet provides information on suicide prevention in Grande Prairie & in the Northwest Region of Alberta. It outlines the inter-agency program that began in 1983 & briefly describes the Suicide Action Committee, the Breakfast Club Program, special projects, & activities relating to public education, training, information service, coordination & outreach, referral, suicide bereavement, & […]

The Breakfast Club. Information for Caregivers, Information for Parents/Guardians, and Information for Adolescents

The Breakfast Club, which began in 1993, established by the Grande Prairie Suicide Prevention Program provides a weekend retreat & follow-up for adolescents (aged 12 to 17 years) who are experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, or suicide attempts. 3 pamphlets, targeted for either adolescents, parents/guardians or caregivers, describe the program, criteria for admission, topics covered during […]

Annual Report: Northwest Region Interagency Suicide Prevention Program, April 1992 to March 1993

This document is the annual report of Alberta’s Northwest Region Interagency Suicide Prevention Program. The principles of operation of the program are to coordinate or encourage the development of: services within regional communities; culturally relevant education & training; dissemination of information; advocacy for development of mental health promotion strategies; and activities within institutions & workplaces.

How to Listen, Understand, and Answer a cry for Help

This pamphlet details the signs of suicidal behavior, & advises how to help a suicidal person. Crisis phone lines for Grande Prairie, Fairview, Peace River, High Prairie, Slave Lake, & High Level (Alberta) are also provided. A 3-page Plains Cree/English version of this pamphlet is also available. A copy of this pamphlet which has been […]

Suicide and the Elderly: Presenter’s Guide

This curriculum outline aimed at educating caregivers & gatekeepers about suicide & the elderly includes sections on current statistics & depression. A film is used to trigger participant attitudes about suicidal behaviours & information about getting help & what to do for the person at risk is given. Copies of handouts are included. (LH)

Grande Prairie Suicide Prevention Program: Telephone Survey-September 1985

This 2-part study attempts to determine public level of awareness for the PACE crisis line service & suicide prevention program services & attempts to measure the level of suicide behaviors in Grand Prairie. A random sample of 1% of households were surveyed by trained volunteers using a specially developed questionnaire.

Telephone Survey – September 1985

Teenage Suicide

This is an outline for a teen-age suicide education program, compiled by the Suicide Prevention Program of Grande Prairie, Alta. The objectives of the program are to increase students’ awareness of suicide, to educate them in detecting warning signs & acting on them by offering peer support, & to provide information on where to go […]

Suicide Prevention Program: Pilot Project Proposal

This proposal by the Suicide Action Committee to the Suicide Prevention Provinical Advisory Committee is the response of 20 agencies which address the issue of suicide or have contact with suicidal persons in the area of prevention, intervention or postvention in Grande Prairie. Sections cover coordination of services, crisis intervention services, coordination among core agencies, […]

A Study on Suicide Services

This research project funded by the Summer Canada Program was designed to assess community needs and service availability through surveys of physicians, social service agencies, volunteers, the RCMP and the general public in the Grande Prairie area. (DD)

Suicide Prevention

Before it’s Too Late! What to do in Grande Prairie if Someone You Know Attempts Suicide