Association between cannabis use disorder and self- and other-directed aggression

Cannabis is the most widely used drug worldwide. Data about the association of cannabis use with aggression is heterogeneous. The objective of the current study was to assess the nature of the association between cannabis use disorder (CUD) and self-directed, other-directed, and combined aggression. We used data from the National Survey on Drug Use and […]

Self-Harm…Your Path Towards Healing

This pamphlet contains information on what self-harm is, & explains that each individual’s reason for self-harm is unique. The pamphlet discusses mental triggers for self-harming behaviour & cycles of self-harming behaviour. It also discusses the support web that a person who commits self-harm has, & the process involved in ending self-harming behaviours. The pamphlet also […]

School Suicide Intervention Protocol

This pamphlet contains the protocol for school suicide for the Lakeland Catholic & the Northern Lights School Divisions in Alberta. A yes/no questionnaire for suicide signs & symptoms is included. If the answer is “yes” to more than half the questions, one should talk to the youth. A flow-chart for what one should do if […]

School Suicide Intervention Protocol: Resource Manual

This resource manual for the staff of the Lakeland Catholic & the Northern Lights School Divisions in Alberta provides details about the suicidal student and what one can do to help. Statistics for suicide in Alberta are given, as well as suicide myths & facts. Traits of the suicidal student are listed. Detailed steps to […]

Alberta Regional Suicide Data

This kit contains rates of suicide & other data for regions of Alberta including Calgary, Cold Lake, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer for the period 1987 to 1992.

Bereavement Protocol

This protocol for school-related bereavement outlines principles of response to unexpected death, and key activities for the first 3 days following the death. Appendices cover accessing the crisis team, telephone lists, a sample faculty memo, announcement of death, media guidelines, parents meeting after a suicide, sample letter to parents, & memorials, funerals & other special […]

Lakewood Family and Community Support Services

This kit, put together by the Lakewood Family & Community Support Services in Alberta, contains information for Native Peoples on suicide, death & grieving. Myths & facts on suicide are given. Danger signs of suicide, advice on how to help, and suicide prevention at the community level is provided. The grieving cycle, grief in children, […]