Family, health, and poverty factors impacting suicide attempts in Cambodian women: A qualitative analysis from a randomly selected national sample

Background: Our recent report demonstrates that 5.5% of Cambodian women have previously attempted suicide. Despite these high rates and critical need for intervention, research on suicide attempts in Cambodia is lacking, and life-saving information on suicide prevention is therefore unknown. Aims: This study explores factors impacting Cambodian women suicide attempts. Method: A total of 1,801 […]

Suicidal expressions among young people in Nicaragua and Cambodia: A cross- cultural study.

Background Whereas prevalence of suicidal expressions among young people is fairly similar in different countries, less is known about associated risk factors. This study compares young people in Nicaragua and Cambodia to examine if the pattern of association between mental health problems and suicidal expressions differs. Methods 368 and 316 secondary school students, from each […]

Gender differences in suicidal expressions and their determinants among young people in Cambodia, a post-conflict country