Buddhism principles in suicide prevention

In the COVID 19 epidemic, almost every Human Being on Earth is suffering from some other mental health problem whether it is due to Economical crises, loss of a job, domestic violence, someone close that is infected by  Coronavirus, or the recent death of loved ones due to Corona Virus. The pain of the loss […]

The concept of suicide in Theravada Buddhism

This study aims to describe the topic of suicide in the perspective of Theravada Buddhism using the literature review method. There are people holding the view of annihilation (vibhava-taṇhā) or craving for nonexistence,  and they believe that suicide is the final solution to end the suffering. But The Buddha never taught to avoid suffering by […]

Relationship between Buddhist belief and suicide risk in Chinese persons undergoing methadone maintenance therapy for heroin dependence

Background: In western countries, there is a negative association between religious belief and suicide risk, while in China this association is positive. Nevertheless, few data are available on the association between one specific type of religion and suicide risk, which might be different from the overall positive religion-suicide association in China. This study examined the association […]

Euthanasia: a Buddhist Perspective