Ectomorphy Ratios of Completed Suicides

This study examined ectomorphy ratios (the height devided by the cube root of the weight) in a sample of 126 white male suicides autopsied at the Medical Examiner’s Office in Philadelphia in 1982. Ectomorphy scores were weakly related to age. Completed suicides were classifed by method. There were few differences, with one exception – those […]

Serum Cholesterol and Long-Term Death Rates From Suicide, Accidents, or Violence

In this letter to the editor, the authors report on a study they did on serum cholesterol concentrations & rates of suicide & of death by accidents or violence. 12,763 males from 16 cohorts in 7 countries were studied. Kromhout et al concluded, as did other researchers, that in observational epidemiology, serum cholesterol did not […]

Heredity and Environment in the Causation of Suicide (IN: Suicide, The Gamble With Death: by Gene Lester and David Lester)

Research regarding hereditary & environmental causes of suicide is discussed with reference to genetic factors, constituional factors, physical state, physique & physiological state. The differing suicide rates in Scandinavia are reviewed. The authors conclude that genetic factors do not cause suicide, some constitutional factors may predispose a person to suicide & environmental effects seem to […]

Ectomorphy and Suicide

Sheldon predicted that ectomorphs would be more likely to commit suicide than mesomorphs or endomorphs, but to date no study has tested this prediction. This report examines the relationship between ectomorphy & suicide in a sample of nations. Findings indicate that ectomorphy rates for children from industrial nations appear to be moderately reliable, to be […]