Respiratory Function and Other Biological Risk Factors for Completed Suicide: 40 Years of Follow-Up of European Cohorts of the Seven Countries Study

In the prospective cohort of the Seven Countries Study, 5,321 middle-aged men from Finland, Serbia, Italy, & Greece were tested to assess which biological risk factors independently identified subjects at increased risk of suicide. Completed suicide was assessed during 40 years of follow-up. Biological cardiovascular risk factors (including forced vital capacity & height) were tested […]

Association of Body Mass Index With Suicide Mortality: a Prospective Cohort Study of More Than one Million men


Strong Inverse Association Between Height and Suicide in a Large Cohort of Swedish men: Evidence of Early Life Origins of Suicidal Behavior?


Height and Risk of Suicide

Thomas & Greenstreet (1973) studied the incidence of suicide among medical students & found that the medical students were more ectomorphic than the controls were. This study used a national sample of male deaths to examine if there is a relationship between height & suicide. Controls were introduced to account for alternative predictors of suicide. […]

Brain Purinergic Activity Linked With Depressive Symptomatology: Hypoxanthine and Xanthine in CSF of Patients With Major Depressive Disorders

The purine metabolites hypoxanthine & xanthine were ananlysed in the CSF of 70 patients with depressive disorders & a control group of 26 nonpsychiatric individuals. Results indicated that raw CSF levels in depressed individuals were correlated with sex, age, height & weight. Hypoxanthine & xanthine appear to be linked with the expression of depressive symptomatology. […]