Mates in manufacturing suicide awareness pilot program: Final evaluation report

This report incorporates the qualitative evaluation of the implementation of the Mates in Manufacturing Pilot Suicide Prevention Program, as funded by SIRA, and delivered in conjunction with Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and Mates in construction. The research sought to examine the extent to which a  peer-to-peer suicide prevention project could be translated from the Construction […]

Mental health challenges of manual and trade workers in the construction industry: A systematic review of causes, effects and interventions

Purpose Data from different countries suggest a higher prevalence of anxiety, depression and suicides among manual and trade workers in the construction industry than in the general population. The present review examines the causes and effects of poor mental health and the effectiveness of interventions to improve manual and trade workers’ mental health in the […]

Evaluation of a workplace suicide prevention program in the Australian manufacturing industry: Protocol for a cluster‑randomised trial of MATES in manufacturing

Males are at higher risk of death by suicide than females in Australia, and among men, blue-collar males are at higher risk compared to other working males. In response, MATES in Construction developed a workplace suicide prevention program for the construction sector in 2007 that has been widely implemented in Australia. In the current project, […]

Suicide, overdose and worker exit in a cohort of Michigan autoworkers

Background In recent decades, suicide and fatal overdose rates have increased in the US, particularly for working-age adults with no college education. The coincident decline in manufacturing has limited stable employment options for this population. Erosion of the Michigan automobile industry provides a striking case study. Methods We used individual-level data from a retrospective cohort study of […]