Putting the blame on others in suicide notes from Shanghai and Wuhan, China

Background: Suicide note leavers sometimes blame others for their death. The blame could reveal extrinsic suicide risk factors and thus countermeasures may be ascertained. Aims: This study included suicide note leavers in Shanghai and Wuhan (n = 555) to examine (a) who was inclined to put the blame (b) on whom and (c) for what reason(s). Method: Logistic regressions were used […]

Forgiveness and blame among suicide survivors: A qualitative analysis on reports of 4-year self-help-group meetings

This article presents the qualitative analysis of reports obtained through participant observations collected over a 4-year period in a series of suicide survivor self-help group meetings. It analysed how grievers’ healing was managed by their own support. The longitudinal study was focused on self/other blame and forgiveness. Results show how self-blame was continuously present along […]