Physical illness and suicide risk in rural residents of contemporary China: A psychological autopsy case-control study

Background: Physical illness is linked with an increased risk of suicide; however, evidence from China is limited. Aims: To assess the influence of physical illness on risk of suicide among rural residents of China, and to examine the differences in the characteristics of people completing suicide with physical illness from those without physical illness. Method: In all, 200 suicide cases […]

The interaction effect between low income and severe illness on the risk of death by suicide after self-harm

Background: Previous Western studies have reported that the prevalence of death by suicide within 1 year after self-harm was 0.5-2%; however, no studies have focused on the Far East. Aims: To calculate the prevalence of death by suicide after self-harm over different lengths of follow-up time and to determine the predictors of death by suicide after self-harm. […]

Taking leave from work: The impact of culture on Japanese female nurses.

The paper shows that there are many overlapping, complex issues affecting nurses working in Japan and their needs need to be considered and addressed in order to promote a healthier work environment, as well as a more humanistic environment.

Involvement in Physical Activity and Risk for Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempts

This study compared reports of recent physical activity among those surviving a nearly lethal suicide attempt to reports from community controls. Analyses were conducted on data collected between November 1992-July 1995 for a study of nearly lethal suicide attempts among people aged 13-34 years. Logistic regression analyses were used to test the association between suicide […]

Army Health Promotion Risk Reduction Suicide Prevention Report 2010

This report is presented in 10 sections, followed by 7 annexes. The sections are: 1) introduction to health promotions, risk reduction, & suicide prevention; 2) reality of suicide; 3) lost art of leadership in garrison; 4) composite life-cycle; 5) Army suicide prevention campaign; 6) program governance for health promotion/risk reduction/suicide prevention; 7) managing the health […]

Suicide Experiences Among Institutionalized Older Veterans in Taiwan

This study examined the suicide experiences of institutionalized veterans in Taiwan. Data were collected from 19 residents, age 65 & older, who had attempted suicide. Transcripts from 26 tape-recorded interviews were analyzed by thematic analysis. 5 major themes related to suicide triggers were identified: illness & pain, death of close relatives or friends, conflicts with […]

Increased premature mortality of competitive powerlifters suspected to have used anabolic steroids

Misuse of supraphysiological doses of anabolic steroids is claimed to have serious side effects. The aim of the study was to determine the mortality, and the cause of premature deaths among a group of subjects who are strongly suspected to have used anabolic steroids for a non-medical purpose over several years. The mortality of 62 […]

Traumatic events and suicidality in a German adolescent community sample

Exposure to traumatic events has been related to suicide attempts and suicidal ideation in adolescents. This study analyzes the association between suicidality and preceding traumatic life events in 665 German school students with an average age of 14.81 (SD = 0.66). Forty-three (6.5%) students reported suicide attempts and 239 (35.9%) reported suicidal ideation. Adolescents with […]

Mortality and Cause of Death Among 1705 Illicit Drug Users: a 37 Year Follow Up

The overall mortality & causes of death were examined in a large cohort of users of illicit drugs in Stockholm over 37 years. 860 of 1705 identified substance abusers died at an average age of 47 yers, 25-30 years younger than the general population. The standardised rate ratio for mortality was 3.3 among men & […]

Serotonergic Measures in Suicide Brain: 5-HT1A Binding Sites in Frontal Cortex of Suicide Victims

The density of 5-HT1A binding using 3H-8-hydroxy-2-(di-n-propyl-amino) tetralin as binding ligand was studied in human frontal cortex of suicide victims & normal controls who died due to medical disease or accidents. There was no difference in the maximum number of binding site (Bmax) or Kd (an inverse measure of affinity) of 5-HT1A receptor binding sites […]

Underlying Factors for the Rapid Increase of Suicide in Mie Prefecture, Japan

The incidence & circumstances were examined for all suicides during 1996-2002 reported to Mie Prefectural Police Headquarters. On average, there were 421 suicides per year. The most frequent month for suicides was July. Suicide was most common in the 50-59-year age group in men & in the 70-79-year age group in women. Psychiatric disorders were […]

Domestic Homicide and Homicide-Suicide: the Older Offender

In a retrospective study of data from coroners’ files on domestic homicides involving individuals killed by an older spouse or family member over a 15-year period in Quebec, several specific offender & victim characteristics, & circumstances were identified. The homicide was frequently followed by the suicide of the perpetrator. Several victims had pre-existing medical illnesses. […]

Train-Related Suicides in Milan, Italy: Analysis of Cases 1993-2008

Evidence of the frequent use of mainline & metropolitan trains as a means of suicide in & around Milan prompted the authors to analyse the occurrence of these events between 1993-2008. Data from the Institute of Legal Medicine were examined. The 155 selected cases were analysed for various aspects, including the chronology & dynamics of […]

The Themes Expressed in Suicide Calls to a Telephone Help Line

The call sheets kept by counsellors on 409 suicide calls were content-analyzed, resulting in a reliable checklist comprising 9 major themes. The prevalence of these themes within the sample was then determined & age & gender differences in the themes expressed by 189 first-time callers were examined using logistic regression analysis. Almost equal numbers of […]

Migraine and Suicide

In this editorial, the author discusses findings from a study of 7900 adolescents in Taiwan in which the linkages between migraine & suicide were investigated. Further research is called for to study the association between migraine with aura & suicide risk in different age groups of populations & clinic-based samples. (16 refs.)

Factors of Early Suicide After Discharge: a National Linkage Study for Suicide Victims in Taiwan

This study aimed to identify the characteristics associated with early suicide of those patients discharged from psychiatric wards in Taiwan. The results indicated that among 672 suicide victims who died within one year post-discharge between 2000-2004, diagnosis of schizophrenia, shorter disease duration, & co-morbidity with cancer were all significantly associated with suicide occurring within one […]

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Patients Aged 35 Years and Under: a 4-Year Study of Frequency and Survival in London

This study described the frequency & characteristics of cardiac arrest patients, 35 years & younger, attended by the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust between April 2003-March 2007. Data were analysed for 3084 patients & reported retrospectively. Over 75% of patients were aged 18-35 years. There were significantly more males in this age group compared to […]

A Detailed Study on Suicides in Baranya County (Hungary)

Suicides in Baranya County, Hungary between 1983-1987 were investigated with regard to biodemographical aspects. There were 1056 suicides with the rate being higher in villages than towns. Suicide rates increased with age. Analysis of interviews with relatives showed that 20% of elderly males could not cope with their losses & found no way out except […]

Study of Process and Causes Related to Suicide in Ilam Province During 1992-2005

This study evaluated some variables related to suicide & compared these variables between people who attempted suicide & those who died by suicide during 1992-2005 in Ilam province, Iran. Through retrospective study, all data related to 2,854 people who died by suicide were investigated in detail. Among 2,845 suicide records, 61.6% were female & the […]

Factors Associated With Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Ideation in Female Outpatients with SLE in Japan

84 female Japanese outpatients with systemic lupus erythematosus were studied. Trait anxiety, state anxiety, depression, & suicide ideation were evaluated using psychological tests & the relationships between the respective psychological features & background factors were statistically evaluated using stepwise multiple logistic regression analyses. “Human relations among family members” & “high daily steroid dosage” were found […]

Suicide in Elderly People: a Literature Review

A literature review was carried out focussing on the main factors associated with suicide ideation, attempts, & completed suicide in elders. 52 references, published between 1980-2008, were selected & analyzed. They showed a strong relationship among suicide ideation, attempt, & completion in elderly individuals, which results from the interaction of complex physical, mental, neurobiological, & […]

A Shot in the Dark: Failing to Recognize the Link Between Physical and Mental Illness

The purpose of this case report, that of a 74-year-old widower who died by suicide three days after discharge from hospital, is presented to remind health care providers of the strong association between depression & chronic medical illness, & to consider this in all patients, including those who present solely with physical symptoms. (24 refs.) […]

How do Personality Disorders Modify Suicide Risk?

The authors investigated if the estimated suicide risk for axis I disorders & sociodemographic factors was modified by personality disorders. Psychiatric disorders were evaluated by psychological autopsy in 163 suicide victims & by personal interview in 396 population-based controls. Personality disorders modify suicide risk differently for affective disorders, substance use disorders, smoking, life events during […]