Suicide biomarkers to predict risk, classify diagnostic subtypes, and identify novel therapeutic targets: 5 years of promising research

Background Suicide is a global health crisis. However, no objective biomarkers of suicide risk currently exist, and self-reported data can be unreliable, which limits prediction, diagnostic, and treatment efforts. Reliable biomarkers that can differentiate between diagnostic subgroups, predict worsening symptoms, or suggest novel therapeutic targets would be extremely valuable for patients, researchers, and clinicians. Methods […]

DeepBiomarker: Identifying important lab tests from electronic medical records for the prediction of suicide-related events among PTSD patients

Identifying patients with high risk of suicide is critical for suicide prevention. We examined lab tests together with medication use and diagnosis from electronic medical records (EMR) data for prediction of suicide-related events (SREs; suicidal ideations, attempts and deaths) in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients, a population with a high risk of suicide. We developed […]

Life in the flame: Inflammation sounds the alarm for suicide risk

As suicide became a critical issue in mental healthcare, the World Health Organization (WHO) presented a Mental Health Action Plan in 2013. Particularly, the plan set an explicit goal for suicide prevention, which called for 10% reduction in the suicide rate in member countries by 2020. Now the tough year of 2020 has passed by, […]