Different ways to drown out the pain: A meta-analysis of the association between nonsuicidal self-injury and alcohol use

Objective There is a significant overlap in the motivations for nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) and alcohol use. Moreover, several theories would predict that more frequent alcohol use is likely associated with more NSSI engagement. Still, the size and direction of this association has not been well documented in the literature. Method To address this gap, the […]

Co-occurring physical fighting and suicide attempts among U.S. high school students: Examining patterns of early alcohol use initiation and current binge drinking.

A growing body of empirical research documents a significant co-occurrence of suicide attempts and interpersonal violence among youth. However, the potential role of early alcohol use initiation and current heavy alcohol use as correlates of this comorbidity has not been examined in a nationally representative sample of high school students.

Exploring binge drinking and drug use among American Indians: Data from adolescent focus groups.

Participants reported substance use most commonly with ÒfamilyÓ and Òfriends,Ó Òat a house,Ó or Òaround the community.Ó Substance use was not confined to a particular time of day, and often occurred Òat school.Ó Commonly endorsed reasons fell into two main categories: Òto avoid problemsÓ or Òto reduce negative feelings,Ó versus Òto be coolÓ or Òto […]