Digital bibliotherapy as a scalable intervention for suicidal thoughts: A randomized controlled trial

Objective: Suicide is a major public health concern in the United States, but few effective and scalable interventions exist to help those with suicidal thoughts. We hypothesized that reading first-person narratives about working through suicidal thoughts would reduce the desire to die among adults and that this effect would be mediated by increased perceived shared […]

The Literacy Educator’s Role in Suicide Prevention


Preventing Hopelessness in Children and Adolescents

A Broken Heart Still Beats: After Your Child Dies

Healing After a Suicide: Keys to Recovery in Bereavement Support Literature

This short comprehensive resource introduces & discusses five themes in the literature which are key in promoting healing & recovery after a suicide. Themes discussed include acknowledging the suicide, recognising diversity, giving time for recovery, facing bereavement tasks & addressing social attitudes.

When a Grave Illness or Death Touches the School Community

Be not Afraid

This article is written by a survivor of suicidal crisis & discusses depression & anxiety. Describes some of the weapons needed to battle these problems including faith, the support of others who have “been there”, self-care, drug avoidance & finding pleasure in life.

Death and People With Learning Disabilities: Interventions to Support Clients and Carers

The needs of people with learning disabilities who are bereaved have been acknowledged in the last decade. There is more understanding of the ways to meet these needs. Caregivers need training & support when working with people who are dying or bereaved. This paper reviews the relevant literature, offers guidelines for practice & highlights areas […]

Behavioral Interventions, Treatment Compliance, and Relapse Prevention (IN: Cognitive Therapy of Suicidal Behavior: a Manual for Treatment, by A Freeman & M A Reinecke)

Behavioural strategies & techniques for working with suicidal patients are described. They include: activity scheduling, mastery & pleasure ratings, graded task assignments, behavioural rehearsal, social skills & assertiveness training, bibliotherapy, in vivo exposure, & relaxation, meditation & breathing exercises. Strategies to overcome treatment noncompliance are presented. A model for relapse prevention is outlined. The necessity […]

Bereavement Support Groups for School-Age Children: Theory, Intervention, and Case Example

Children’s bereavement support groups can provide useful surrogate support for families when a parent dies, & may contribute new social meaning for this traumatic event. Theories & techniques for intervention in such groups are presented, & their application illustrated via a clinical case history. Results indicate that categorization of children’s bereavement should be abandoned in […]

Breaking the Cycle: a Biblical Perspective

McPherson examines the relevance of the Bible in suicide prevention, ways in which the Bible can be used effectively to counsel persons who are suicidal, & a few of the many Bible teachings that have practical applications in suicide prevention. She offers 3 reasons why the Bible is relevant to suicide prevention: 1) many people […]

Bibliotherapy: The Right Book at the Right Time

The author outlines the use of bibliotherapy, that is the therapeutic use of literature. The goals of bibliotherapy are to help an individual express feelings & gain insight, while providing a supportive environment. The first step in using bibliotherapy is to assess the needs of the client. Books are then chosen to fit therapy goals. […]

Teacher’s Workshop in Death Education: The Effects of Simulation Game and Bibliotherapy-Oriented Method

A study to assess the differential impact of 2 death education strategies introduced within a workshop was conducted with 35 elementary school teachers. Participants were randomly assigned to either a simulation or bibliotherapy-oriented strategy group. The simulation group reported more discussion of death education & death-related topics during the 2 weeks after the workshop. The […]

Helping Teenagers Wrestle With Life and Death

An inservice institute that familiarized teachers with the pressures that may lead students to think about or commit suicide is described. The author states that one possible approach to the teenage suicide problem is to give youth a positive concept of life as a gift. She discusses two strategies, the use of literature & peer […]

Suicide Prevention Information and Self Help Books

This article reviews the deficit of reliable suicide prevention material depicted in a number of popular self-help work. Some books are especially pernicious as they include inaccurate or incorrect information. The article concludes that interventionists must carefully ascertain whether or not clients have been exposed to self-help literature and further must be cautious when prescribing […]

Bibliotherapy – A Means for Coping With Death