Comparison of journals of suicidology: A bibliometric study from 2006-2010

Background: Three English-language journals deal explicitly with suicide phenomena. To the best of our knowledge, no previous study has analyzed the subject content of these three journals. Aims: To review the abstracts of the three suicide-related journals in order to clarify the subjects of the papers. Methods: We examined all abstracts of every paper published in Crisis: The […]

Suicide prevention research: A bibliometric analysis from 1982 to 2021

Background: Suicide is the most extreme outcome of a mental health crisis and should therefore be a key priority in any mental health prevention response. Objective: the aim of this study was to identify the scientific production and its temporal evolution related to suicide prevention. Method: To do this, a quantitative, descriptive and bibliometric type […]

Suicide and suicidal ideation in the times of the Covid‑19 pandemic: A scientometric analysis

Objectives: The article aims to explore the studies performed on suicide because of coronavirus disease 19 through a bibliometric analysis. A quantitative analysis of the topic furnishes data on the publication pattern, influential research journals, highly cited articles, productive countries and organizations, the authorship pattern, and the collaborative pattern between authors. Methods: Data regarding the […]

Thirty years of publications in suicidology: A bibliometric analysis

A quantitative assessment of publications in suicidology has not been conducted yet. Web of Science was used to identify publications on suicidal behavior between 1989 and 2018. 41,276 items were retrieved. Over 30 years, the number of annual publications has been multiplied by 6. Psychiatry and psychology were the dominant research areas. Three-quarters of all publications […]