Recovering From Suicide Loss: a Self-Help Handbook for Those who Have Lost Someone to Suicide

This handbook provides some basic information for those who are bereaved by a suicide. It covers topics frequently discussed at Survivors of Suicide support group meetings along with concepts from the literature on suicide bereavement. Information is presented in a question and answer format so that readers can choose to read the booklet in order […]

Information Pack: Bereavement

Jail/Custody Suicide: a Compendium of Suicide Prevention Standards and Resources


Book Review-Youth Suicide A-V Catalogue, by B L Tanney

The book being reviewed is available for viewing at SIEC #1999-0506.

Youth Suicide Prevention School-Based Guide – Annotated Bibliography I (12/03)

For the complete Guide, please see SIEC #2004-1202. For individual chapters, please see SIEC #2004-1203 to #2004-1228

Bereavement Information Pack: for Those Bereaved by Suicide or Other Sudden Death

This pack is specifically designed for relatives & friends of people who die by suicide or other sudden means, in order to help them through the grieving process. It highlights the areas of greatest difficulty for the bereaved person & offers advice on how to get support from peers, support groups & counselling organisations. A […]

The Mental Health and Well-Being of Aboriginal Children and Youth: Annotated Bibliography

For the original report, please see SIEC #2004-1253

CQ Sources

This bibliography of resources related to suicide & euthanasia. Relevant topic sections are presented, including history, basic works, active versus passive euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, global policy studies, & cases & controversy. (88 refs)

The News Media and Aboriginal Suicide Prevention – a Bibliography

This bibliography contains 5 sections. The first section is on books, categorized by the date of publication from 1969 to 1995. The second section of the bibliography is on articles from academic journals & research papers, categorized by date from 1922 to 1995. The third section of this bibliography is on items from the media […]

Science-Based Prevention Approaches to Promoting Healthy Adolescent Behaviors

In this article, the author highlights the Reconnecting Youth (RY) Prevention Research Program. After clarifying the meaning of indicated prevention, she reviews what was learned from 1) descriptive studies of adolescents; 2) screening, instrumentation, & recruitment studies; 3) creating preventive interventions; & 4) experimental studies of various RY prevention approaches. She concludes with the impact […]



Victoria’s Mental Health Service Youth Suicide Prevention Information Kit

This kit contains the following information sheets: 1) Statistics on Suicide Among Young People in Australia; 2) How Can I Help; 3) The Myths of Suicide; 4) What are the Suicide Risk Factors; 5) What are the Warning Signs; 6) What Causes People to Commit Suicide; 7) Youth Suicide Prevention Activities; 8) Contacts; & 9) […]

Firearms Research: Annotated Bibliography on Selected Issues (1990-1998) Report FRU1999-1e

This bibliography contains a selection of firearms-related literature from 1990-98. Categories these articles deal with are: comparative international studies, crime/violent crime, homicide, suicide and unintentional harms & firearms injuries. Sources include refereed journal articles, research reports, books and papers presented at conferences. Canadian content articles are specially highlighted. A summary for each entry in the […]

Post Suicide Bereavement Recovery Literature – Bereavement Recovery Groups – Guidance for First Responders and Caregivers – Postvention in Schools – Research – Suicide of a Client/Patient

This publication provides bibliographic references organized into the following categories: post suicide bereavement recovery, bereavement recovery groups, guidance for first responders and caregivers, postvention in schools: intervention in a school following a suicide, research, & suicide of a client/patient.

A Model for Mental Health Programming in Schools and Communities: Introduction to the Mini-Series

Mental Health in the Schools: “Linking Islands of Hope in a sea of Despair”

Annotated Bibliography for the Mini-Series on Mental Health Programming in Schools and Communities

This annotated bibliography provides references for school psychologists & mental health professionals who are interested in developing school- & community-based mental health programs. Resource materials that will assist in program design, implementation, & evaluation are included. This bibliography is not intended to be comprehensive, but represents key resources for program developers & interventionists.

Youth Suicide: a Catalogue of Audiovisual Resources 1965-1987


Suicide-Related Articles and Papers; a Catalogue of Items in the Menno Boldt Collection at the Suicide Prevention Society of The Samaritans of Southern Alberta, Lethbridge, Alberta.

Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training for School Personnel: Program Design and Implementation Issues. Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to facilitate the design of a suicide prevention & intervention training program for school personnel that reflects current research & evaluation in this area. Information is provided about materials that were published after 1985 & that target adult learners. A summary of each reference provides a rating of […]

Survivors of Suicide: a Comprehensive Bibliography Update, 1986-1995

When a Grave Illness or Death Touches the School Community

Therapist Response to Client Suicide: Selected Readings

This 1-page bibliograhy lists 15 references to articles which discuss the reactions of therapists to the suicide of a patient.