At arm’s length: A qualitative study of suicide prevention barriers among those experience with suicide loss

Background: Little attention has been paid to the experiences of families and carers supporting and accessing support for individuals in the period preceding and following their death by suicide. For many families and carers who have experienced loss and been subjected to a series of unhelpful or harmful encounters with health and emergency services, there […]

The Understanding Your Suicide Grief Support Group Guide: Meeting Plans for Facilitators

This book is written for individuals who want to facilitate an effective suicide grief group. It includes 12 meeting plans to be used in conjunction with “The Understanding Your Grief” book and journal.

Postvention for African American Families Following a Loved One’s Suicide

This article provides information about suicide in the African American community, suicide & families, & suicide interventions, particularly those with a family focus. A culturally informed postvention model, Healing and Understanding Grieving Suicide Survivors (HUGSS), is presented. The article provides a discussion of the rationale for a culturally informed postvention program for African American suicide […]

How can we Provide Effective Support for Suicide Survivors?

This paper discusses preventive support measures that can be used with individuals, families, & other groups of suicide survivors. Recent developments in preventive activities among Norwegian survivors are examined. (6 refs.)

Review of General Bereavement Support and Specific Services Available Following Suicide Bereavement

This book includes chapters on: key points & recommendations; information available to the bereaved; the role of self-help groups; models of service provision; training & development for bereavement support services staff; the current profile of service delivery in Ireland; future service delivery; & costing of service delivery. Appendices provide a reference list, a bibliography, terms […]

Public Support for Suicide Survivors in Norwegian Municipalities

This article examines the services offered in various Norwegian municipalities after the suicide of a young person. (11 refs.)

Surviving Bereavement by Suicide


SOPRoxi: a Research-intervention Project for Suicide Survivors

Siblings After Suicide – “the Forgotten Bereaved”

Grief in Panama (Death and Bereavement Around the World, vol.2: The Americas, ed. by J D Morgan and P Laungani)

In this study, the author describes the mourning process in Panama; the rituals, beliefs, & customs associated with death & the inevitable loss of our loved ones. She presents this study in a manner that describes how each province & ethnic group ritualizes death & initiates the grieving process in Panama.

Evaluation of the Suicide Behaviors Programmes – What Helps?

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Grief Assistance Program – a Model for Teens

The author summarizes the goals, activities, & achievements of the Grief Assistance Program (GAP) for bereaved adolescents.

L.O.S.S.: a Postvention Model for AAS Consideration

This document summarizes a discussion of Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (L.O.S.S.), a postvention response program in Eastern Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

An Active Postvention Program

The Active Postvention Model (APM) described in this article demonstrates how survivors of suicide can be an installation of hope for the newly bereaved & an effective referral resource for support in the grief process. The benefit of active postvention compared to passive postvention results in a dramatic reduction in the elapsed time between death […]

The Therapist-Clinician as Survivor

Published in “Suicide Risk & Protective Factors in the New Millennium,” ed. by O T Grad

Grief Work: Prevention and Intervention

This article describes the Bereavement Center at Family Service Association of Nassau County, Hempstead, New York. The Center was designed to help ease the emotional pain that occurs when a significant person dies from natural causes, suicide, or accident. Information is included about the agency, treatment choices offered, & initiatives for facilitating grief work. (SC)

Assistance From Local Authorities Versus Survivors’ Needs for Support After Suicide

As a part of a larger study, this article describes the local authorities in Norway as providers of help & survivors as recipients of help after the suicide of a young person in 83 families. A questionnaire developed for this study maps the extent of professional community support as reported by parent survivors. Another questionnaire […]

Bereavement After Suicide – how far Have we Come and Where do we go From Here?

This paper identifies major issues faced by the bereaved, the community, & the helping professions after a suicide. Some significant milestones in knowledge & service provision that have been achieved so far are discussed. It considers how past research in the fields of suicide postvention & general bereavement have developed new variables & frameworks with […]

Are you Setting Sail on Uncharted Waters?

This article desribes the LOSS program which was developed 17 years ago to assist those whose lives are devastated due to losing someone to suicide. Describes the work that survivors of suicide, facilitators & mental health professionals do in order to move beyond the grief.

Black Suicide Victims and Their Survivors

Dallas Action Against Suicide

This article provides an overview of the Dallas Suicide & Crisis Center established in 1969. It describes the crisis line, intervention model support programs for suicide attempters, bereavement after suicide programs, community education, & community support. The structure & organization of this center as well as funding arrangement are outlined. The Center is accredited by […]

Suicide Bereavement – an Eight-Week Survivor’s Group Presentation Summary

The Suicide Bereavement Program offered by Suicide Services Calgary is an 8-week, semi-structured suicide bereavement group & ongoing follow-up support service that has been in place since 1982. This summary document outlines the key components of the presentation which described the structure, format, and operation of this group.

Suicide Bereavement Research: The Trauma Defined/A Review of Control Group Studies/The Los Angeles Survivors-After-Suicide Program

Presents 3 short articles. The first discusses suicide grief in the context of posttraumatic stress disorder. The second offers findings from a review of control group studies of suicide survivors, noting similarity to accidental death survivors, the unclear nature of differences in reactions, & the effect of time on healing. The third discusses a controlled […]