Online-group intervention after suicide bereavement through the use of webinars: Study protocol for randomized controlled trial

Introduction The death of a significant person through suicide is a very difficult experience and can have long-term impact on an individual’s psychosocial and physical functioning. However, there are only few studies which have examined the effects of interventions in suicide survivors. In the present study, we examined an online-group intervention for people bereaved by […]

Setting up and facilitating bereavement support groups: A practical guide.

Those who have been bereaved are in need of support, and groupwork is an effective way in which people can come together and support each other in a trusted environment. This book provides a practical introduction to setting up and facilitating bereavement support groups, giving facilitators the confidence to run a group. It guides the […]

Effective grief and bereavement support: the role of family, friends, colleagues, schools and support professionals.

Towards Good Practice: Standards and Guidelines for Suicide Bereavement Support Groups

This set of standards & guidelines was developed to support those who participate in & operate suicide bereavement support groups. The 4 major standards articulated are: support group & maintenance (goals, membership, structure, ethics, legal aspects, & marketing); support group philosophy & processes (philosophy on clients, service delivery, inclusiveness, group processes, understanding suicide bereavement, & […]

Can Postvention be Prevention?

This study reviewed the current status of postvention support, including definitions used & the objectives & effectiveness of support activities for people bereaved by suicide. 43 refs.)

Resources and Tactics for Preventing Suicide

This article reviews the major tactics for preventing suicide, including medications, psychotherapy for suicidal clients, emergency management & treatment, crisis intervention centres, education programmes for physicians, restricting access to lethal methods, school education programs, & groups for survivors. A brief paragraph discusses resources for those wishing to die by suicide. Evaluative data is presented for […]

Support Groups for Suicide Survivors: Results of a Survey of Group Leaders

To update & expand Rubey & McIntosh’s (1996) survivors of suicide support groups report, SPAN USA did a survey of American support group leaders. 24% of 100 surveys were complete. There are now more survivor groups (from 280 to 417) & the majority of groups now have survivor leaders (78% versus 25%). Groups continue to […]

Surviving After Suicide Loss: the Healing Potential of Suicide Survivor Support Groups


Internet Support Groups for Suicide Survivors: a new Mode for Gaining Bereavement Assistance


Support Groups (IN: Suicide: Strategies and Interventions for Reduction and Prevention, ed. by S Palmer)


Addressing in Asia the Problems of Survivors of Suicide(IN: Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia, ed. by H Hendin)


Survivors of Suicide


Best and Promising Practices in Suicide Bereavement Support Services: a Review of the Literature


A Call for Research: the Need to Better Understand the Impact of Support Groups for Suicide Survivors

This paper outlines the pressing public health need to conduct research & determine effective ways to identify & meet the needs of suicide survivors, particularly through survivor support groups. After describing the various approaches to survivor support groups, the authors explain the need for further research, despite the inherent challenges. Finally, several questions are posed […]

Stigmatization and Suicide Bereavement

With survey data collected primarily from peer support group participants, the authors compared stigmatization responses of 462 parents losing children to suicide with 54 other traumatic death survivors, & 24 child natural death survivors. Parents who encountered harmful responses & strained relations with family members & non-kin reported heightened grief difficulties. After controlling for time […]

Suicide Bereavement Support Group Facilitation: Practice Handbook

The chapters in this handbook include: Setting Up a Support Group; the Suicide Bereavement Support Group; Staffing; the Suicide Bereavement Support Group Meeting; Facilitating the Group; Handling Difficult, Challenging or Sensitive Situations; Staff and Volunteer Self-Care; The Role of Supervision in Suicide Bereavement Support Group Facilitation; Ongoing Operations; Specific Populations; Other Options to Meet Needs […]

Comprehending Childhood Bereavement by Parental Suicide: a Critical Review of Research on Outcomes, Grief Processes, and Interventions

This article reviews quantitative & qualitative research on the psychopathological outcomes & thematic characteristics of childhood & adolescent suicide survivorship & moderating variables such as life stressors, stigma, the manner of communication about the suicide, & the surviving parent’s functioning. The authors outline several approaches to intervention & address conceptual & methodological challenges within the […]

Will I Ever Feel Happy Again? These Survivors of Suicide say “Yes!”

In this book, the author & 5 survivors discuss being bereaved by suicide & the effects the death had on them personally. They describe what got them through their grief, when they felt a sense of happiness again, & at what point their lives took on a sense of normalcy once more.

Review of General Bereavement Support and Specific Services Available Following Suicide Bereavement

This book includes chapters on: key points & recommendations; information available to the bereaved; the role of self-help groups; models of service provision; training & development for bereavement support services staff; the current profile of service delivery in Ireland; future service delivery; & costing of service delivery. Appendices provide a reference list, a bibliography, terms […]

Surviving Suicide

This article describes a bereavement support group for Jewish survivors of suicide.

Cardinal Feathers: Gifts From my Son’s Life…and Death by Suicide


Facilitating Suicide Bereavement Support Groups: a Self-Study Manual

Moving From Suicide Trauma to Hope, Exploring Humour