The after journey: A survivor’s guide after the death of a loved one by suicide

The After Journey is a short guide for all those who lost a loved one to suicide along with a chapter for those who are supporting survivors. Written by Jenny and Harry Bruell seven years after losing their daughter to suicide, the After Journey provides a mix of personal stories with a compassionate and objective […]

The hidden face of suicide.


History of a suicide:my sister’s unfinished life.

On the night of April 15, 1990, Jill BialoskyÕs twenty-one-year-old sister Kim came home from a bar in downtown Cleveland. She argued with her boyfriend on the phone. Then she took her motherÕs car keys, went into the garage, closed the garage door. She climbed into the car, turned on the ignition, and fell asleep. […]

Book Review-In her Wake: a Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of her Mother’s Suicide, by N Rappaport

The reviewer says that there is much to appreciate in this book in terms of grief & loss & the value of knowing about one’s family. He says the book also reminds readers of the devastation suicide causes & the need for postvention & prevention.

Turning Points: an Extraordinary Journey Into the Suicidal Mind

Told in the form of letters, this book includes twelve life stories written by survivors of suicide attempts & people bereaved by suicide. The author adds his interpretations & comments as a guide to the messages embedded in these stories.

Suicide and the Media: Identifying Some Blind Spots

This paper draws upon media texts in order to illustrate the important role of the media in facilitating discussion about suicide. The paper will explore the ways in which literature related to activism in the mental health field & the disabilities movement might inform our understanding of the preoccupation with the harmful effects of suicide […]

Assembling my Father: a Daughter’s Detective Story

The author relates the story of her father’s life & death by suicide when she was five years old.

Why? Spousal Survivor of Suicide: the Life After Death

This book is an account of the author’s experiences before & after her husband’s suicide. She discusses the coping skills she used to help herself move forward in life & raise her daughter as a single parent.

Will I Ever Feel Happy Again? These Survivors of Suicide say “Yes!”

In this book, the author & 5 survivors discuss being bereaved by suicide & the effects the death had on them personally. They describe what got them through their grief, when they felt a sense of happiness again, & at what point their lives took on a sense of normalcy once more.

In her Wake: a Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of her Mother’s Suicide

The author’s mother died by suicide in 1963 after a bitter divorce & custody battle. Years later, the author began to investigate her mother’s life & the circumstances surrounding her death. This book tells the story of her search & the impact of her mother’s suicide from the perspective of a psychiatrist, wife, & mother […]

The Basics: Facilitating a Suicide Survivors Support Group

This manual is organized into sections on planning & group guidelines, the basic group brochure, group facilitating, general bereavement, suicide & depression, suicide bereavement, information for families & children, survivor support, surviving the holidays, & miscellaneous handouts. Each section also includes a story by a person who has been bereaved by suicide.

Today I’m Grieving a Physician Suicide

An estimated 250 American physicians will die by suicide in 2008. In this essay, the author shares her grief & guilt over the suicide of a colleague while reflecting on both the scale of this largely unacknowledged problem & the stigma that prevents the medical profession from adequately addressing it. Fears regarding loss of professional […]

Bereavement of Spousal Suicide: a Reflective Self-Exploration

This study is a reflective exploration of the author’s experience as a survivor of spousal suicide within the context of the suicidology literature. The author uses her experiences in heuristic research to question the rationale of concentrating on the differences &/or similarities of people bereaved by suicide versus people bereaved by other modes of death […]

Those They Left Behind: Interviews, Stories, Essays and Poems by Survivors of Suicide

In this collection of interviews with survivors of suicide, individuals talk candidly about how their lives were impacted by the suicide of a family member or close friend. Over 50 individuals shared their stories. The final chapter of the book includes stories, essays, & poems written by survivors.

Dying to be Free: a Healing Guide for Families After a Suicide

Surviving Suicide: the Ones Left Behind


And his Shoes Were all in a row

Gavin’s Suicide: a Mum’s Memorial and Hope to Understand a Horrible and Secret Condition

“A Friend in Need” – Mental Illness and Suicide

A Short Life: Memories of a Native son and What Life now Holds

A Son’s Suicide, a Father’s Grief

Suicide: a Personal Reflection


Life After Suicide