Preventing Suicide – the Volunteer way

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

A Study of Pesticide-Related Suicide


Refocusing the Image of Suicide Prevention

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Training Young Befrienders – a Column From Befrienders International

This column discusses the SKO Life Skills Project in Hong Kong, an annual project started in 1997. SKO is a collaborative effort between 3 organizations that focuses on training young students to work within their own schools to support those in distress & to teach others how to recognize & respond to people in distress […]

The Media as Partners in Suicide Prevention – a Column From Befrienders International

Introduction to Reaching Young Europe

This information package introduces, “Reaching Young Europe”, a programme for teaching young children how to cope with difficulties. The first section outlines how the programme works & what it is trying to achieve. It gives brief details of an evaluation report & explains the current stage of programme development. The second section includes the course […]

Befriending in Cyberspace – Challenges and Opportunities (A Column from Befrienders International)

Suicidal Ideation in Sudanese Women

A literature review indicated that suicidal behaviour in Sudan was very infrequent. However, an assessment of suicidal ideation in 2 groups of Sudanese women demonstrated high levels, particularly in women in a displaced-persons area. The establishment of a Befrienders International volunteer service allowed anecdotal evidence of substantial suicidal behaviour to be collated. Findings highlight the […]

Heart, Head and Hand (A Column From Befrienders International)

This column concerns research into attitudes toward suicide, help seeking behaviours & volunteering in five black & coloured communities in South Africa as well as the application of the results to the setting up of a volunteer-based crisis service.

Life and Death in a Sri Lankan Village

This article relates the story of “Soona”, a woman in Sri Lanka & the support she receives from Befriender International volunteers. Soona had been bereaved 4 times in three years; her husband, two sons & a daughter-in-law all completed suicide by ingesting agrochemicals. Another son has attempted suicide & is not coping very well.

Listening to Silence (A Column From Befrienders International)

Suicide in Sri Lanka (IN: Suicide Prevention: The Global Context. Proceedings of the 19th Congress of the IASP, March 1997, ed. by R J Kosky et al)

In this presentation, the author first described the epidemiology of suicide in Sri Lanka. The suicide rate is 47.0 per 100,000 population, a figure some believe may be an underrepresentation. 75% of suicides occur in rural areas. The most common method is self-poisoning & the most common motive is disappointment in love. The latter part […]

The Faces of Befriending: Annual Report 1996-7

This annual report discusses the activities of the Befrienders from April 1996 to March 1997. Brief summaries of their work in Hong Kong, China, South Africa & Estonia are included. A project to promote emotional health among European youth is described. Information is provided on Befriending services, training, research projects & conferences. The last part […]

Face to Face: Annual Report 1997-98

Contents include: a review of the efforts of Befrienders International from Apr. 1997 – Mar. 1998, future priorities, trustees report for the year ending 31 Mar. 1998, and the Auditor’s report for the year ending 31 Mar. 1998.

Study of Suicide Prevention Within the European Community


Befriending in Rural Sri Lanka

Our Business is Suicide Prevention

Survivor’s Kit

Suicide and Crisis Intervention in Rural Communities in Sri Lanka

Annual Report 1994

This annual report reviews the operations of the Hong Kong Samaritan Befrienders. A comprehensive analysis of suicides during 1994 is also provided. In 1994, there were 750 suicide deaths in Hong Kong, an increase of 141 compared to 1993. The suicide rate was 12.37 per 100,000 population. Suicide rates increased in all age groups. The […]

1993 Annual Report

This report on Society activities also provides statistics & analysis of suicide deaths in Hong Kong. Suicide rates dropped to 10.29/100,000 in 1993 from 12.65/100,000 in 1992. Data by age groups, by sex, suicide methods (50.9% jumped from a high place), & occupation are provided. Although suicides decreased in 1993, the Society caseload increased 14% […]

Developing Volunteer Action to Prevent Suicide

This pamphlet describes the mission & activities of Befrienders International. One of the main questions about international organizations is if they can adapt to different cultures. Examples from Sri Lanka, Brazil, eastern Europe & the Former Soviet Union, Egypt & China are provided as illustration.

1992 Annual Report

This annual report presents information on the operations of the Samaritan Befrienders in Hong Kong during 1992. There were 735 suicides in Hong Kong in 1992, 335 of them were 55+ years old. The highest rate of suicide, 51.98/100,000, occurred among people aged 70+. There were 13 less suicides in 1992 than in 1991. Although […]