Is it valid to measure suicidal ideation by depression rating scales?


Suicidal imagery in a previously depressed community sample.

This study sought to replicate previous findings of vivid suicide-related imagery in previously suicidal patients in a community sample of adults with a history of depression. Twenty-seven participants were interviewed regarding suicidal imagery. Seventeen participants reported prior suicidal ideation or behaviour in the clinical assessment, and the vast majority of these also reported experiencing suicide-related […]

Assessment of Suicide: Beck’s Scales for Assessing Mood and Suicidality (IN: Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior, edited by R I Yufit & D Lester)


Does Self-Esteem Predict Suicidality After Controls for Depression?


Depression and Suicidality in the Adolescents in Osijek, Croatia


Reliability and Validity of the Beck Depression and Anxiety Inventories in Caucasian Americans and Latinos


Assessing Suicide Ideation: Comparing Self-Report Versus Clinician Report

The purpose of this study was to examine & compare 2 assessment methods for determining suicidal ideation of patients admitted for treatment of a mood or anxiety disorder. 68 patients treated for mood or anxiety disorders completed the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) & were assessed by a clinician using an investigator-developed interview schedule. In 80% […]

Complications Associated With Surveying Medical Student Depression: the Importance of Anonymity

For commentary on this article by M Myers, please see SIEC #2004-1390

Self-Reported Depressive Symptoms That Differentiate Recurrent-Episode Major Depression From Dysthymic Disorders

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) was administered to 168 outpatients diagnosed with recurrent-episode, major-depression disorders & 99 out-patients diagnosed with dysthymic disorders. The mean ratings of 18 BDI items were comparable in both groups; the mean total-BDI score & mean number of BDI items rated were higher for the major depressive disorders than for the […]

Some General Population Norms for the Short Form Beck Depression Inventory

The authors presented age- & sex-specific norms for the 13-item short form of the Beck Depression Inventory, based on data collected during a general health survey. Females were found to score more highly than males, & an internal consistency reliability of .81 was found. (4 refs)

A Depression Paradox Theory of Suicide

Abramson and Sackheim’s notion of paradoxical depression was operationally assessed and, as predicted, individuals showing this type of depression had higher levels of current suicidal ideation than other individuals. (5 refs)

The Association of Shame and Guilt With Suicidality

Johnson et al (1987) found that shame, but not guilt, was associated with scores on a measure of neuroticism. In the present study, Lester explored whether measures of shame & guilt are associated with suicidality. 116 undergraduate students answered questionnaires. Shame scores were associated significantly with current suicidality & a history of thoughts & threats, […]

Suicide Ideation and its Relationship to Depressed Mood in a Community Sample of Adolescents in Hong Kong

996 Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong provided information about their suicide ideation. Depressive symptoms were measured using the Chinese Beck Depression Inventory. A broad range of stressors were also assessed. More of the potential stressors examined related to suicide ideation in girls than in boys. Nearly all of the variance in suicide ideation in boys […]