Mental health and suicide risk among homosexual males in Bangladesh

Background Homosexual individuals are at high risk of suicide, but there is a shortage of data from developing countries to confirm this. Estimates on mental health and suicide risk among male homosexuals in Bangladesh are needed to generate awareness and to plan services accordingly. Method We assessed mental health and suicidal behavior of 102 self-identified […]

Literacy and stigma of suicide among medical students of Bangladesh: Status and associated factors

Background: Literacy and stigma of suicide have been poorly assessed across the groups in Bangladesh even though they affect help-seeking behavior and have an enduring effect on suicide prevention. Objectives: We aimed to determine the status of literacy and stigma of suicide along with associated factors among medical students of Bangladesh. Methods: This study was […]

Psychometric properties of the Bangla Brief Suicide Cognitions Scale among university level students

Objectives. Assessment of suicide cognition would help to measure the enduring suicide risk and to predict the risk of a suicide attempt. However, no previous attempt was identified to validate the suicide cognition scale in Bangla. We aimed to assess the psychometric properties of the Brief Suicide Cognitions Scale (BSCS) in Bangla. Methods. We conducted this […]

Climate-related shocks and other stressors associated with depression and anxiety in Bangladesh: A nationally representative panel study

Background Climate change has major implications for common mental disorders including depression and anxiety in vulnerable nations such as Bangladesh. However, knowledge gaps exist around national estimations of depression and anxiety, and the associations between the prevalence of these disorders with climate-related and sociodemographic risk factors. To address these gaps, this study analysed data from […]

Level and associated factors of literacy and stigma of suicide among Bangladeshi physicians: A cross-sectional assessment

Objectives. Literacy and stigma of suicide among doctors affect health-service delivery for persons with suicidal behavior. However, no attempt has been identified to assess those among physicians in Bangladesh. We aimed to determine the level and associated factors of suicide literacy and stigma toward suicide among physicians in Bangladesh. Methods. We collected data from 203 physicians in February […]

Prevalence and associated factors of suicidal behaviors among Bangladeshi rural community people: Findings from the ‘BD ComMen Study’

Background Suicide is considered as one of the major public health concerns, which can be prevented with cost-effective and timely intervention. In Bangladesh, very few studies assessed the suicidal behavior of rural community people. Thus, this Bangladesh Community Mental Health Study (BD ComMen Study) attempted to understand the current situation of suicidality in Bangladeshi rural […]

Suicidal ideation among people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh: Prevalence and associated factors

Background: Evidence from pandemic and pre-pandemic studies conducted globally indicates that people with disabilities (PWDs) have a higher risk for suicidality. However, none of these studies has assessed suicidality among PWDs in Bangladesh. Aims: The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of and factors associated with suicidal ideation among PWDs during the […]

Depression and suicidal ideation among medical students in a private medical college of Bangladesh: A cross sectional web based survey

This study was done to investigate the prevalence of depression and suicidal ideation among private medical students in Bangladesh. A total of 237 medical students participated in this cross-sectional web-based survey by e-questionnaire using the Google Form. The study was conducted from November 2020 to December 2020 at Enam Medical College and Hospital which is […]

Prevalence and factors associated with suicidal ideation among university students in Bangladesh

This study aimed to determine the prevalence of and factors associated with suicidal ideation among university students in Bangladesh. We collected cross-sectional data from 407 students aged between 18 and 27 years at Jahangirnagar University (Dhaka, Bangladesh), using a convenience sampling technique. Of the total sample, 13.8% reported having suicidal ideation during the past 12 months. In […]

Suicide attempt and its associated factors amongst women who were pregnant as adolescents in Bangladesh: A cross-sectional study.

Background: Adolescent pregnancy is a risk factor for suicide. We aimed to assess the prevalence of suicide attempts among young women with adolescent pregnancy in Bangladesh and to explore its associated factors. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, we surveyed young women with adolescent pregnancy in urban and rural areas in Bangladesh to assess suicide attempts, […]

Suicide and attempted suicide in Jhenaidah District, Bangladesh, 2010-2018

Background: Suicide and attempted suicide are a serious but under-explored public health problem in Bangladesh. Survey estimates suggest that Jhenaidah District, one of the 64 districts that make up Bangladesh, is one of the highest suicide-prone regions in Bangladesh. Relatively little is known about the magnitude of suicide attempts in the district. Aims: This article describes the incidence […]

Suicide on Facebook-the tales of unnoticed departure in Bangaladesh.

Facebook has transformed social communication and offers the opportunity to share personal thoughts to people including suicide ideas, plans and attempts. Suicide after Facebook posts has been reported in different parts of the world and it has become a potential area of research for suicide prevention. The analysis of Facebook posts prior to suicide or […]

Mother and son suicide pact due to COVID-19-related online learning issues in Bangladesh: An unusual case report

On 11 June 2020, a private university student (aged 22 years) and his mother (aged 47 years) from Bogra, Bangladesh, committed suicide together by ingesting poisonous gas tablets in a forest close to where they both lived (The Daily Campus 2020). The day before the suicides, the student’s father insisted that his son complete online tests because he […]

Assessing the quality of media reporting of suicide deaths in Bangladesh against World Health Organization guidelines

Background: Media reporting of suicide events has thus far gone without sufficient scrutiny in Bangladesh. Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the quality of newspaper reporting of suicides in Bangladesh against international guidelines. Methods: We used content analysis to assess the quality of suicide reporting in six daily newspapers in Bangladesh. The newspapers were hand-searched between November […]

Suicide kills more than 10,000 people every year in Bangladesh.

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Psychiatric Morbidity of Suicide Attempt Patients Requiring ICU Intervention

This study was carried out in a private intensive care unit in Dhaka City to assess the psychiatric morbidities & major psychiatric problems in 44 patients (18 males, 26 females) requiring intensive care after a suicide attempt. Data were collected from July-December 2008. The most common psychiatric diagnosis was depressive disorder followed by attention seeking […]

Mortuary Profile for Unnatural Deaths at Forensic Medicine Department of Dhaka Medical College

This study examined 1725 cases of unnatural deaths autopsied in the mortuary at Dhaka Medical College during 1996. 130 of the deaths were suicides. The male to female ratio was 1.7:1. The majority of suicides occurred among individuals in the age range 11-40 years. (14 refs.)

Mortality due to Suicide in Rural Bangladesh


Risk Factors of Violent Death in Rural Bangladesh, 1990-1999


Pattern of Unnatural Death in a City Mortuary: a 10-Year Retrospective Study

This paper investigates the pattern of autopsy findings in the Forensic Medicine Department of Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Findings are presented in the aggregate as well as by gender & the manner of death, which is divided into 4 groups: homicide, suicide, accident, & natural. Suicide accounted for 18% of deaths. Undecided & […]

Suicide in Emigrants From the Indian Subcontinent


Death From Injuries and Induced Abortion Among Rural Bangladeshi Women

Provides information about injuries & violence as causes of death among women in Bangladesh. Of 1139 women who died from 1976-86, 18% were victims of unintentional injuries or violence. Violent deaths include intentional injury such as homicide, suicide, & lethal complications of induced abortion. Injuries & violence accounted for 31% of all deaths among women […]