Psychiatric and Socioenvironmental Characteristics of Bahraini Suicide Cases

A questionnaire-guided interview of families of 29 Bahraini suicide cases from 1996-2005 was conducted in their homes by a social worker. Medical & pscyhiatric files were examined to complete the data. More victims were male,young, single or divorced, unemployed, & with a low education level compared with the general population. The majority of victims had […]

Suicide in Bahrain in the Last Decade


Risk Factors Associated With Overdose Among Bahraini Youth

The aim of this study was to identify the risk factors for overdose among Bahraini youth, 15-24 years. All suicide attempters in the country during an 18-month period (n=100) were identified prospectively. One hospital-matched control was selected for each case. Stresses generated from living in a non-intact family, interpersonal relationships mainly with the opposite sex, […]