Study protocol for the Multimodal Approach to Preventing Suicide in Schools (MAPSS) project: A regionally-based trial of an integrated response to suicide risk among secondary school students

Background¬†Suicide is the leading cause of death among young Australians, accounting for one-third of all deaths in those under 25. Schools are a logical setting for youth suicide prevention activities, with universal, selective and indicated approaches all demonstrating efficacy. Given that international best practice recommends suicide prevention programs combine these approaches, and that to date […]

Suicide risk assessment and management: a systematic evidence review for the clinical practice guidelines for emergency departments and mental health services project


Post-Prison Mortality: Unnatural Death Among People Released From Victorian Prisons Between January 1990 and December 1999

The extent & nature of unnatural death among people released from Victorian prisons between January 1990-December 1999 were examined. A total of 820 men & women were identified as having died unnatural deaths while not imprisoned prior to July 2000. The unnatural death rate of ex-prisoners was 10 times that found in the general Victorian […]

Temporal Pattern of Suicide Risk in Young Individuals With Early Psychosis

This study examined the temporal pattern of suicide risk in patients with early psychosis & determined whether discrete periods of significantly elevated risk can be identified up to 24 months after commencing treatment. Suicidaliy ratings collected each month were retrieved for 696 patients treated between December 2002-December 2005. Time-series analysis was performed on suicide risk […]

Suicide Attempt in First-Episode Psychosis: a 7.4 Year Follow-Up Study

This study reports baseline & follow-up data from a naturalistic, prospective follow-up of 413 patients with first-episode psychosis treated at a specialist early psychosis centre. Follow-up data were available for 282 participants. Sixty-one made a suicide attempt over the follow-up period, including 12 suicides. The baseline risk factors increasing the risk of any suicide attempt […]

Suicide and Fatal Drug Overdose in Child Sexual Abuse Victims: a Historical Cohort Study

The rate & risk of suicide & accidental fatal drug overdose in individuals who had been medically ascertained as having been sexually abused during childhood was determined. Forensic medical records of 2759 victims who were assessed between 1964-1995 were obtained & linked with coronial data representing a follow-up period of up to 44 years. 21 […]

Psychiatric History Modifies the Gender Ratio of Suicide: an East and West Comparison

This study investigated the effect of gender in psychiatric & non-psychiatric populations to examine how psychiatric history may have modulated the effect of gender in suicide cases in 2000 in Hong Kong & Victoria, Australia. Log-linear model was used to test interactions. Gender difference in suicide was narrower in victims with psychiatric history than those […]

Understanding Suicide in Australian Farmers

This study investigated the rate of mental health problems amongst farmers compared with non-farmer rural residents & additional factors that might contribute to an increased risk of suicide amongst farmers. Key findings emerged from self-report questionnaire data, personality measures, & semi-structured interviews. No support was found for higher rates of mental health problems among farmers […]

Victorian Aboriginal Suicide Prevention and Response Action Plan 2010-2015

This action plan is the Victorian government’s strategy to prevent & reduce the incidence & impact of Aboriginal suicide & self-harm. It sets out current priorities & identifies strategies for further action in 4 priority areas: prevention through building resilience; improving access to care & support for those at risk; improving the response to crisis […]

The Interrelations of Agency, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation Among Older Adults


Women’s Injury in the Home in Victoria


Study Protocol: the Development of a Randomised Controlled Trial Testing a Postcard Intervention Designed to Reduce Suicide Risk Among Young Help-Seekers


The Role of the Family Therapist and Health Professional in Mental Health Promotion and Youth Suicide Prevention


Impact of a Specialized Early Psychosis Treatment Programme on Suicide. Retrospective Cohort Study

A population-based, retrospective cohort study of 7760 individuals with psychotic disorder, aged 15-29 years at first contact with mental health services, was done. Suicides were identified by linking the psychiatric register to a coronial register of unnatural deaths. The principal hypothesis, that suicide risk over the entire follow-up period would be significantly lower for those […]

The Nature and Extent of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in a Non-Clinical Sample of Young Adults

This study examined the nature, extent, & correlates of non-suicidal self-injury in a non-clinical sample of 211 Australian young adults, age 18-30 years. Of the sample, 43.6% reported engaging in non-suicidal self-injury; approximately 10% engaged in moderate/severe self-injury. Those that reported non-suicidal self-injury reported greater psychopathology, avoidant coping, & alcohol use than those who did […]

Injuries Sustained by Young People in Victoria, 1986-1992: an Overview of Fatal and Non-Fatal Injuries in Adolescents and Young Adults

Increased Suicide Rate in the Middle-Aged and its Association With Hours of Sunlight

The authors examined the frequency of suicide & its relation to meteorological factors in the state of Victoria between January 1990 & April 1999. The incidence of suicide had its nadir in winter & zenith in the spring & summer, paralleling closely the number of bright sunlight hours. This pattern was particularly marked for violent […]

Next Steps: Victoria’s Suicide Prevention Forward Action Plan 2006. A Public Statement

A state strategy for suicide prevention was developed for Victoria in 1997. It was not felt a major new strategy needed to be developed so this forward action plan that identifies & improves on existing suicide prevention activities was put forth. This plan provides a coordinated state approach, identifies suicide prevention activities embedded in universal […]

Motor Vehicle Exhaust gas Suicide in Victoria, Australia 1998-2002

Data on all suicides by motor vehicle exhaust in Victoria between 1998-2002 were analysed to determine whether suicide occurred in vehicles with lower emission levels. During the study period, 607 suicides by this means were recorded while just 393 hospital admissions were recorded for the same period. While the number of suicides was lower in […]

Suicide Prevention in First Episode Psychosis: the Development of a Randomised Controlled Trial of Cognitive Therapy for Acutely Suicidal Patients With Early Psychosis


Outcome of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior in a Young, Help-Seeking Population Over a 2-Year Period


Suicide Prevention Training Outside the Mental Health Service System: Evaluation of a State-Wide Program in Australia for Rehabilitation and Disability Staff in the Field of Traumatic Brain Injury


The Association of Depression and Sense of Belonging With Suicidal Ideation Among Older Adults: Applicability of Resiliency Models