Returning to the emergency department: A retrospective analysis of mental health re-presentations among young people in New South Wales, Australia

Objectives: This study aimed to describe mental health emergency department (ED) presentations among young people aged 8–26 years in New South Wales, Australia, and to identify key characteristics associated with higher risk of ED mental health re-presentation. Design, setting and participants: Retrospective analysis of linked ED data records for mental health presentations between 1 January […]

Protocol for a stepped-wedge, cluster randomized controlled trial of the LifeSpan suicide prevention trial in four communities in New South Wales, Australia

Background: Despite increasing investment in suicide prevention, Australian suicide rates have increased steadily in the past decade. In response to growing evidence for multicomponent intervention models for reducing suicide, the LifeSpan model has been developed as the first multicomponent, evidence-based, system-wide approach to suicide prevention in Australia. The LifeSpan model consists of nine evidence-based strategies. These […]

Different voice different perspective: the art of healing suicide. A documentary on the art of Mic Eales filmed in collaboration with Erminia Colucci.


Inspired lives: Discovering life in imagination.


A cross-sectional survey of prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among prisoners in New South Wales, Australia.

Suicidal ideation and attempts are highly prevalent among prisoners compared to the general community. Assessment of suicide risk is a critical task for mental health clinicians in prisons. Attention should be given to ensuring assessments are gender- and culturally sensitive. Indicators of mental illness may not be accurate predictors of suicide attempt. Indicators of childhood […]

A cross-sectional survey of prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among prisoners in New South Wales, Australia.


Attempted Suicide, Self-Harm, and Violent Victimization Among Regular Illicit Drug Users

Relationships among attempted suicide, nonsuicidal self-harm, & physical assault were examined in 400 regular users of heroin &/or psychostimulants. 28% had episodes of nonsuicidal self-harm, 32% had attempted suicide, & 95% had been violently assaulted. The number of suicide attempts & nonsuicidal self-harm incidents were correlated. There were also significant correlations between the number of […]

Attempted Suicide Among Injecting and Noninjecting Cocaine Users in Sydney, Australia

A sample of 183 current cocaine users, were administered a structured interview to ascertain attempted suicide histories, methods used, & factors associated with suicide attempts. Of the sample, 31% had attempted suicide, 18% had done so on more than one occasion, & 8% had made an attempt in the preceding 12 months. Overall, 28% of […]

Help-Negation and Suicidal Ideation: the Role of Depression, Anxiety and Hopelessness

The association between suicide ideation & intentions to seek help was examined in a sample of 302 Australian university students. Higher levels of suicide ideation were related to lower help-seeking intentions for family, friends, & professional mental health care, & higher intentions to seek help from no one. Moderation effects indicated higher levels of depressive […]

Comparison of Injury-Related Hospitalised Morbidity and Mortality in Urban and Rural Areas in Australia

This article identified & compared the pattern of injury mortality & hospitalized injury morbidity for urban & rural residents in New South Wales, Australia. Hospitalization data for July 2000-June 2005 & mortality data for January 2000-December 2004 were obtained. Rural residents experienced higher standardized mortality ratios for many types of injuries, including self-harm. (37 refs.)

Investigating the Co-Occurrence of Self-Mutilation and Suicide Attempts Among Opioid-Dependent Individuals

The prevalence & risk factors associated with self-mutilation among opioid dependent cases & controls were determined, & the co-occurrence of self-mutilation & attempted suicide was examined in a sample in New South Wales, Australia. The prevalence of self-mutilation among cases & controls did not differ significantly (25% versus 23%), with gender differences identified among cases […]

Adolescents’ Suicidal Thinking and Reluctance to Consult General Medical Practitioners

This study examined the association between suicide ideation & intentions to seek help from a general practitioner for suicidal thoughts, emotional problems, & physical health problems, using a sample of 590 Australian high school students. Higher levels of suicide ideation & general psychological distress were related to lower intentions to seek help for suicidal & […]

Rural-Urban Differences in Suicide Rates for Current Patients of a Public Mental Health Service in Australia

Rural versus urban rates of suicide in current patients of a large area mental health service in Australia were compared. Suicides were identified from compulsory root cause analyses of deaths, 2003-22007. Age-standardized rates of suicide were calculated for rural versus urban mental health service & compared using variance of age-standardized rates with 95% confidence intervals. […]

NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2015: a Whole of Government Strategy Promoting a Whole of Community Approach

This report sets out the New South Wales Government’s direction & intended outcomes for suicide prevention for 2010-2015. It is built upon the first state suicide prevention strategy & is aligned with the national suicide prevention framework. The strategic directions included in this strategy are: improving the evidence base & understanding of suicide prevention; building […]

NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy Implementation Plan 2010-2015: Whole of Government Approach

This document outlines how the strategic directions of the 2010-2015 New South Wales suicide prevention strategy will be accomplished. The objectives, actions, activities, timeframe, & lead agency for each of the 6 strategic directions are detailed.

A Pilot Study of the Suicide Victim’s Last Contact With a Health Professional


Definitions of Suicide and Self-Harm Behavior in an Australian Aboriginal Community


Researching ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ and Archiving Young People’s Insider-Knowledges

This paper explores the significance of enabling co-research conversations about the effects & tactics of suicidal thoughts, & about effective forms of resistance. It describes one such co-research project involving three young people in Sydney, Australia. The ideas that informed the co-research are described & extracts of the young people’s co-research conversations are included. (5 […]

A Conversation With Angela, Brett and Jess About Suicidal Thoughts, Failure and Resistance

The three young people interviewed for this article have each had more than five years of experience claiming their lives back from powerful negative stories. In the extracts provided, they describe some of their encounters with ideas of failure & suicidal thoughts & convey some of the knowledge they have gained about ways of resisting […]

Extreme Cause-Specific Mortality in a Cohort of Adult Prisoners – 1988 to 2000: a Data-Linkage Study

A retrospective cohort study was done of 85,203 adults imprisoned in New South Wales, Australia between January 1988-December 2000. 5137 deaths were identified (4714 males, 423 women) of which the vast majority (94%) occurred after release from custody. All-cause standardized mortality ratio was 3.7 in men & 7.8 in women. Suicide was a significant cause […]

Tracking Tragedy: a Systemic Look at Homicide by Mental Health Patients and Suicide Death of Patients in Community Mental Health Settings Third Report of the Committee

Please see SIEC #2005-0789 and 2005-0790 for previous reports.

Types of Nursing Home Residents With Self-Destructive Behaviours: Analysis of the Harmful Behaviours Scale

This study investigated the types of self-destructive behaviours identified by the Harmful Behaviours Scale & the variables associated with them. A cross sectional survey involving 647 residents in 11 nursing homes in Sydney, Australia was conducted. Latent class analysis of the Harmful Behaviours Scale identified 4 groups, described as aggressive-resistant, food refusal, behaviourally disturbed, & […]

Understanding Deliberate Self Harm: an Enquiry Into Attempted Suicide

This study included 90 participants in New South Wales who had sought medical attention after an attempt to harm themselves. Their accounts of the events leading up to their action were explored in detail. A descriptive quantitative analyis was undertaken & known risk factors for deliberate self-harm were explored. Secondly, a qualitative analysis was done […]