Astrological Birth Signs in Suicide: Hypothesis or Speculation?

To see whether astrological birth signs are associated with suicide & the method used, data was collected on verdicts of suicide & open verdicts between 1989-2000 from the Public Health Department in North Cheshire. The observed occurrence of deaths due to natural causes & suicide, in relation to birth signs, did not differ significantly from […]

Astrological Cuspal Days and Births and Deaths of Suicides

Klein (1992) found that suicides more often were born or died on cuspal days (the 2 days on the borderline between neighbouring astrological sun signs) than expected by chance. This study examined the birth & death dates of 334 famous suicides. 14 of the birth dates were cuspal days as were 25 of the death […]

Born Under a bad Sign? Astrological Sign and Suicide Ideation

This study tested the thesis that the internalizaion of the traits associated with astrological signs affectives suicide ideation. Data are from a national sample of 7508 subjects. Suicide attitudes were also measured in terms of the respondent’s approval of suicide in each of 4 life situations. No statistically significant associations were found. However, for the […]