Evaluation of state cannabis laws and rates of self-harm and assault

Objective: To evaluate the association of state medical and recreational cannabis laws with self-harm and assault, overall and by age and sex, while considering varying degrees of commercialization. Design, setting, and participants: Using a cohort design with panel fixed-effects analysis, within-state changes in claims for self-harm and assault injuries before and after changes in cannabis laws were […]

Intentional injury and the risk of subsequent hospitalization for attempted suicide

OBJECTIVE: Trauma patients are at increased risk of suicidal behavior. The association between assault injury and subsequent suicidal behavior relative to unintentional injury remains under-studied. This study hypothesized that trauma patients with assault injuries would demonstrate greater risk of subsequent suicide attempt hospitalization compared to patients with unintentional injury. METHOD: Trauma patients hospitalized in Washington […]

The mediating roles of hostility and dissociation in the relationship between sexual assault and suicidal thinking in college students.

Sexual assault and suicide are two serious public health concerns. Research has documented the relationship between sexual assault and suicidal thinking and attempts; however, limited research explores the more multifaceted relationships between posttraumatic stress reactions and suicidal ideation in college students through unsuccessful modulation of emotion. The authors hypothesized a mediation model where the relationship […]

Sexual trauma, the dopamine D4 receptor, and suicidal ideation among hospitalized adolescents: A preliminary investigation.

Though an association exists between sexual trauma and adolescent suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STBs), not all adolescents with a sexual assault history develop STBs. The present study examined whether carrier status of the DRD4 VNTR polymorphism (DRD4 L vs. DRD4S) moderated the relationship between sexual trauma and STBs in a sample of psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents. A […]

The associations of physical and sexual assault with suicide risk in nonclinical military and undergraduate samples.

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