History of suicide attempts in adults with Asperger syndrome

Background: Individuals with Asperger syndrome (AS) may be at higher risk for attempting suicide compared to the general population. Aims: This study examines the issue of suicidality in adults with AS. Method: An online survey was completed by 50 adults from across Ontario. The sample was dichotomized into individuals who had attempted suicide (n = 18) and those […]

I can fix it! A tale from the Iris the Dragon Series.

In “I Can Fix It!” a young girl named Josie experiences teasing and bullying from her classmates. To others, Josie appears shy or not friendly and she often gets angry when something confuses her. She meets Iris the Dragon and learns how to relate to others and develop resilience in her life with the support of […]

Suicide in autism spectrum disorders.

This review focuses on suicide in patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as well as risk factors and comorbidities of persons with ASD who have attempted suicide.

Suicidal behaviour in adolescents and young adults with ASD: Findings from a systematic review.

Highlights We reviewed primary research on suicidal behaviour among young people, < 25 years, with ASD. Four papers reported primary data on suicidal behaviour in young people with ASD. Prevalence of suicidal behaviour among young people with ASD ranges from 7 to 42%. Depression and abuse are risk factors for suicidal behaviour in this population.

Suicidal ideation and suicide plans or attempts in adults with Asperger’s syndrome attending a specialist diagnostic clinic: A clinical cohort study.

Our findings lend support to anecdotal reports of increased rates of suicidal ideation in adults with Asperger’s syndrome, and depression as an important potential risk factor for suicidality in adults with this condition. Because adults with Asperger’s syndrome often have many risk factors for secondary depression (eg, social isolation or exclusion, and unemployment), our findings […]