Systematic review of arts-based interventions to address suicide prevention and survivorship in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America

Study Objective. Suicide is a serious health problem that is shaped by a variety of social and mental health factors. A growing body of research connects the arts to positive health outcomes; however, no previous systematic reviews have examined the use of the arts in suicide prevention and survivorship. This review examined how the arts […]

The healing potential of online, Art-DBT: Developing a program of rumination and non-suicidal self-injury reduction

Rationale in a nutshell 1. Rumination contributes to Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) 2. Targeting rumination in the context of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) could significantly reduce NSSI (or prevent it) 3. Including AT may increase DBT adherence/enhance treatment with benefits unique to AT

Coming together in pain and joy: A multicultural and arts-based suicide awareness project

The issue of suicide is still taboo in many cultures and the silence surrounding this problem is often destructive. Those affected by suicide have few opportunities to express their pain and their communities are left feeling helpless. The creative arts therapies have been used to address the emotions surrounding suicide, however few projects have studied […]

A community’s response to suicide through public art: Stakeholder perspectives from the Finding the Light Within project.


Inspired lives: Discovering life in imagination.


Different voice different perspective: the art of healing suicide. A documentary on the art of Mic Eales filmed in collaboration with Erminia Colucci.


Arts-based research in cultural mental health.

Arts can be employed as a powerful tool to elicit thinking and discussion (thus generating and gathering data), as well as a means to report and disseminate findings. The arts have been used for decades in research and practice and they are increasingly being used, also because of a counter-movement to the dominance of positivist […]

Theatrical medicine: aboriginal performance, ritual and commemoration (for Vanessa Lee Buckner).

The paper begins by discussing some Aboriginal teachings offering the authorĂ•s working definition of Medicine based on the teachings that elders have shared. These cultural traditions reflect a belief in the power of performance and the possibility of performance as medicinal. The paper applies some of these teachings about Medicine to suggest that the form […]

Red chocolate elephants:For children bereaved by suicide.


Breaking the Mold: Using Pottery to Rebuild Life Skills (IN: Creating Connections Between Nursing Care and the Creative Arts Therapies, ed. by C L Navenec & L Bridges)


Creating Hope: art and Therapy With Suicidal First Nations Youth

This paper introduces the topic of First Nations youth suicide from the perspective of a West Coast Canadian Registered Clinical Counsellor & Registered Art Therapist. The author aims to educate clinicians & increase awareness of First Nations youth suicide, & to differentiate assessment & treatment methodologies from Non-Aboriginal population, including art therapy. The author posits […]

Workshops: Rita Project, Inc., Rita Studio NYC

Published in “Suicide in Modern Ireland: new Dimensions, new Responses”

Book Review – Transforming Depression: a Jungian Approach Using Creative Arts by D H Rosen

This review describes Rosen’s text as a psychoanalytic interpretation of suicide, including a cohesive treatment program. Rosen’s approach is described as assisting the suicidal person to selectively destroy the immature, self-destructive part of the personality, so that which is well may strengthen & survive. The reviewer criticizes the lack of emphasis on familial & community […]

Suicidal Adolescent Perceptions After an art Future Image Intervention

The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore reactions of hospitalized, suicidal adolescents to an art furture image intervention. During the intervention adolescents were asked to rethink future expectations while creating a caricature of themselves in the future. Follow-up interviews were coded & analyzed to determine the meaning of the intervention to adolescents. The […]

Creating Girl_X: Young People’s Creative Messages of Hope


Waving Goodbye: An activities Manual for Children in Grief

The materials in this manual are copyrighted and can only be photocopied according to the conditions set out by The Dougy Center. All other uses must receive the prior approval of The Dougy Center.

Group Activities for Kids who Hurt

Play Therapy Crisis Intervention With Children (IN: Play Therapy With Children in Crisis: Individual, Group, and Family Treatment, edited by N B Webb Second Edition)

This chapter offers a definition of play therapy & discusses the purposes of this form of therapy. Play therapy in crisis situations is discussed. The range of play therapy methods, including art techniques, doll play, puppet play, storytelling, & board games, is reviewed. The role of the play therapist is described. Other topics briefly discussed […]

A Suicide Threat Uncovers Multiple Family Problems (IN: Play Therapy With Children in Crisis: Individual, Group, and Family Treatment, edited by N B Webb 2nd Edition)

The case discussed in this chapter is that of Philip, an 8-year-old African American boy whose parents had been separated for 4 years & divorced for 2 years. Philip was referred to the psychiatric emergency room by his school for an evaluation by the child & adolescent crisis intervention team. The school reported Philip had […]

Crisis Intervention With Survivors of Natural Disaster: Lessons From Hurricane Andrew

Crisis intervention has typically been conceptualized as seeking a return of clients to a state of equilibrium. However, after working with survivors of Hurricane Andrew in south Florida, the authors realized that there are several other issues that are important. In this article, they discuss the development of a proactive approach, which attempts to recognize […]

Disaster Response and Recovery: a Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

Suicidal Despair: Fatal Poison or Enigmatic Answer?

Bereavement Support Groups for School-Age Children: Theory, Intervention, and Case Example

Children’s bereavement support groups can provide useful surrogate support for families when a parent dies, & may contribute new social meaning for this traumatic event. Theories & techniques for intervention in such groups are presented, & their application illustrated via a clinical case history. Results indicate that categorization of children’s bereavement should be abandoned in […]