Publication trends in newspapers and scientific journals for SSRIs and suicidality: a systematic longitudinal study.


Suicide Risk in Patients With Anxiety Disorders: a Meta-Analysis of the FDA Database

Using the Food & Drug Administration database, the authors assessed suicide & suicide attempt risk among patients participating in clinical trials evaluating new antianxiety medications, with diagnosis of panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, & obsessive compulsive disorder. Overall, among 20076 participants, 12 died by suicide & 28 attempted suicide. The annual suicide risk rate was […]

Sheehan Suicidality Tracking Scale (Sheehan-STS): Preliminary Results From a Multicenter Clinical Trial in Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The Sheehan Suicidality Tracking Scale was incorporated into a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, & active comparator study examining the efficacy of an experimental corticotropin-releasing factor antagonist for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. The scale was administered at baseline, Week 2, Week 4, & Week 8 or at early termination. A total of 82 female […]

Stress and Suicide in the Nurses’ Health Study

The Present Status of Meprobamate Ingestion: a Five-Year Review of Cases With Serum Choncentrations and Clinical Findings

Fifty-seven cases of meprobamate ingestion from 1974 to 1979 were reviewed. Concentrations, clinical findings, and epidemiologic data were studied to determine the status of the abuse of this compound. The average patient was determined to be a 37-year-old woman who ingested meprobamate and at least one other drug in a suicide attempt or gesture. She […]

Depressive Stupor and Chlordesmethyldiazepam

This letter to the editor discusses the treatment of depressive stupor with intramuscular chlordesmethyldiazepam. The author describes the case of woman who, after attempting suicide, was successfully treated with this injection. (VM)

Benzodiazepines: Tolerance, Dependence, Abuse and Addiction

This article outlines studies which have demonstrated the development of tolerance, dependence & addiction to benzodiazepines. The authors define each of these terms, & discuss the risks & benefits of benzodiazepine use. They also describe patterns of use, prevalence, physician attitudes, & suicide among patients on benzodiazepine. They conclude that benzodiazepine is not as safe […]

Benzodiazepines – Current Safety Issues

Benzodiazepines have an adverse effect on psychomotor and cognitive functions. A variety of behavioural and mood disturbances have been reported, including increased hostility, depression, antisocial behaviour, paranoid ideation, and suicidal tendencies. Benzodiazepines may produce pharmacological dependence in therapeutic dosage. Withdrawing a patient from benzodiazepines is duscussed, as well as the management of the withdrawal syndrome. […]

Prolonged Benzodiazepine Coma

Emergency Treatment of Drug Overdose

Changing Pattern of Drugs Used for Self Poisoning

The changes in pattern of drug use in self-poisoning were reviewed & their consequences assessed. Benzodiazepines increased markedly to 40% of patients admitted while barbituates declined from 30% to 15%. Tricyclic antidepressants saw a slow increase. The pattern showed a reduction in number & severity of patients admitted unconscious, in proportional terms. However, there is […]

Increase in Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies: Association With Diazepam Theory

Tranquilizers and Suicide in the Schizophrenic Patient

Role of Dread in Suicidal Behavior