Situating suicide as an anthropological problem: Ethnographic approaches to understanding self-harm and self-inflicted death.

More than a century after DurkheimÕs sociological classic placed the subject of suicide as a concern at the heart of social science, ethnographic, cross-cultural analyses of what lie behind peopleÕs attempts to take their own lives remain few in number. But by highlighting how the ethnographic method privileges a certain view of suicidal behaviour, we […]

Seeking to escape the suffering of existence: Internet suicide in Japan.


Understanding Suicide: why we Don’t and how we Might

This book highlights theoretical & methdological challenges in suicidology. The contributions that each of the major disciplines have made are discussed & an overview of research & theories in some typical areas is provided. Drawing from this, specific recommendations are made as to what can be done in the future to advance knowledge of suicide […]

Reflections on Violence and Suicide in South Yorkshire: (Dis-)United Kingdom

This paper addresses the personal consequences attendant upon the post-Thatcher neo-liberal restructuring of the British economy. Its focus is upon the way that increased economic insecurity created a range of personally encountered problems, which constitute the most immediate sense of being-in-a-world so disclosed. It tries to cast light upon the increased anonymous violence that is […]

Suicide in Post-Socialist Countries: Examples From Hungary and Belarus

The author evaluated suicide in Hungary & Belarus based on informants’ or consultants’ comments, evaluation, & opinions. The author suggests suicide can be explained by political, economic, & psychological factors. He also suggests Bateson’s (1972) double bind theory might help to understand why some suicides might occur in socialist & post-socialist countries at a higher […]

Suicide Among Indigenous Peoples. The Usefulness of the Human Relations Area Files


Aboriginal Language Knowledge and Youth Suicide


Perceptions of Mental Health Among Recently Immigrated Mexican Adolescents

This study explored the health-related perceptions of Mexican-origin immigrant adolescents to inform the design of culturally & developmentally appropriate mental health services. This focused ethnography was guided by Bronfenbrenner’s ecological framework & symbolic interactionism. 14 adolescents were recruited from 2 non-health based community settings. 3 thematic categories were delineated: mentally healthy, mentally unhealthy, & promoting […]

Uncultural Behavior: an Anthropological Investigation of Suicide in the Southern Philippines

This anthropological study is on the Palawan culture & society in the southern Philippines. Part One discusses the Kulbi-Kenipaqan River basin & its people; material culture & the symbolic structure of everyday life; social organization, the spiritual world of the Kulbi people; & personhood, emotions, & moral values. Part Two includes chapters on Sumling’s death, […]

Suicide and Culture

The aim of this essay is to present an overview of some of the topics & issues which are present in the interaction of suicide & culture. Topics discussed include: societal & cultural suicide rates; culture & the individual suicide; the impact of a changing culture; the assumption of cultural invariability; subcultures; gender, class, & […]

“Just Like the Qing Empire”: Internet Addiction, MMOGs, and Moral Crisis in Contemporary China

This article examines discourse about Internet addictions & video game-related suicide in China. Through an analysis of media reports, interview transcripts, & chat rooms, a preliminary account of the origins of contemporary Chinese concerns with Internet addiction is provided. The study approach draws on anthropological & sociological models of the cultural constructions of social problems […]

Tears, Trauma and Suicide: Everyday Violence Among Street Youth in Puebla, Mexico

Despite considerable ethnographic research with young people in street situations & a growing interest in violence, little attention has been paid to suicide. The occurrence of suicide is a dramatic event that reveals weaknesses in support systems established by governments & civil society organisations, as well as perceived failings of friends. While an interest in […]

Suicide: Some Transcultural Psychiatric Aspects

This article examines the manner in which social structural & cultural variables will tend to cause one or another unconscious factor to be dominant or to determine differences in rates & form of suicide between groups or within groups. Specifically, it is suggested that it is the complex interrelationship between child-rearing patterns, adult role expectations, […]

Farmer Suicides in India: the Role of Psychiatry and Anthropology


Suicide in a Cultural History Perspective, Part 3. Other Cultures


Book Review-African Homicide and Suicide, by P Bohannan


Managing Emotions, Intimacy, and Relationships in a Volunteer Search and Rescue Group


Islam, Castoriadis and Autonomy

Spiritual Perspectives on Suicidal Impulses in Young Adults (IN: Spirituality and Psychological Health, ed. by R H Cox, B Ervin-Cox and L Hoffman)

Urug: an Anthropological Investigation on Suicide in Palawan, Philippines


Health Professionals’ Perspectives of Suicide in Taiwan


The Anthropology of Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviours


Modernization as Changes in Cultural Complexity: new Cross-Cultural Measurements