Effect of the Wingman-Connect Upstream Suicide Prevention Program for Air Force personnel in training: A cluster randomized clinical trial

Importance  Suicide has been a leading manner of death for US Air Force personnel in recent years. Universal prevention programs that reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviors in military populations have not been identified. Objectives  To determine whether the Wingman-Connect program for Airmen-in-training reduces suicidal ideation, depression, and occupational problems compared with a stress management program and to […]

An examination of United States Air Force suicide decedents based on documented suicide attempt histories.

Self-crash murder-suicide: Psychological autopsy essay and questions about the Germanwings crash.

This particular murder–suicide was premeditated with greatly neglected precipitating factors and high predictability. In fact, this confirms the remark by Maltsberger et al. (2015, p. 643) that: “Risk factors research does not have high predictive value.” It is a major ethical issue to discuss the limitations of suicide prevention. Contact us for a copy of […]

Analysis of NTSB aircraft-assisted pilot suicides: 1982-2014.

Journal copy held in CSP Library.