Childhood abuse, interpersonal strength, and suicide resilience in African American females who attempted suicide

There is a significant association between childhood abuse and suicidal behavior in low-income African American women with a recent suicide attempt. Increasingly, empirical focus is shifting toward including suicide resilience, which mitigates against suicidal behavior. This cross-sectional study examines childhood abuse, intrapersonal strengths, and suicide resilience in 121 African American women, average age of 36.07 years […]

Resilience, cultural beliefs, and practices that mitigate suicide risk among African American women veterans

To our knowledge, no studies have examined protective factors for suicide among African American women Veterans. We conducted a qualitative study to identify and describe cultural beliefs and practices that mitigate suicide risk among African American women Veterans. Our sample included 16 African American women Veterans (M age = 53.3) eligible to receive Veterans Health Administration […]

Too much of a good thing? Psychosocial resources, gendered racism, and suicidal ideation among low socioeconomic status African American women.

Very few studies have examined predictors of suicidal ideation among African American women. Consequently, we have a poor understanding of the combinations of culturally specific experiences and psychosocial processes that may constitute risk and protective factors for suicide in this population. Drawing on theories of social inequality, medical sociology, and the stress process, we explore […]

“Let me count the ways:” Fostering reasons for living among low-income, suicidal African American women.

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