Suicide prevention public service announcements impact help-seeking attitudes: The message makes a difference

Suicide continues to be one of the most serious public health challenges. Public service announcements (PSAs) are frequently used to address this challenge, but are rarely sufficiently evaluated to determine if they meet the intended goals, or are associated with potential iatrogenic effects. Although it is challenging to assess the relative impact of different PSA […]

Advancing knowledge about suicide prevention media campaigns

In recent times, media campaigns have been gaining popularity as a means of preventing suicide. While differing in their target audiences, suicide prevention media campaigns tend to fall under two groups: general populations and suicidal individuals themselves. This editorial focuses on a number of issues relating to these two groups of campaigns preventing suicide.

Exploring the association between suicide prevention public service announcements and use comments on YouTube: A computational text analysis approach

In the United States, suicide rates have increased by 30% over the past few decades. Public service announcements (PSAs) are effective health promotion vehicles and social media can help spread PSAs to hard-to-engage individuals who may benefit from intervention efforts, yet the most meaningful characteristics of PSAs for influencing health promotion attitudes and behaviors are […]

Suicide prevention public service announcements: Perceptions of young adults

Background: Determining optimal methods for preventing suicide continues to be an elusive goal. Aims: The study examines benefits and possible untoward effects of public service announcements (PSAs) for young adults. Methods: Young adult participants (N = 279) were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: (a) a billboard simulation, (b) a 30-s TV ad simulation, and (c) a […]

Suicide prevention using Google ads: Randomized controlled trial measuring engagement

Background: Studies have shown that individuals may search for suicide-related terms on the internet prior to an attempt. Objective: Thus, across 2 studies, we investigated engagement with an advertisement campaign designed to reach individuals contemplating suicide. Methods: First, we designed the campaign to focus on crisis, running a campaign for 16 days in which crisis-related keywords would trigger […]

Suicide prevention public service announcements: Recall biases associated with increased risk for suicide

Background: Suicide prevention public service announcements (PSAs) help to disseminate information about suicide and help-seeking options. However, little is known about how individuals at risk for suicide recall PSAs. Aims: The current project assessed which features of suicide prevention PSAs are recalled by young adult participants and whether there are differences between those who are at low or […]

Public service announcements to change attitudes about youth suicide: A randomized controlled trial

Background Youth suicide is a major public health concern worldwide. Public service announcements (PSAs) may have a role in suicide prevention, as part of broader suicide prevention campaigns. Method We conducted a double-blind four arm randomized controlled trial in which 18 to 24 year olds were allocated to watch one of three suicide prevention PSAs intervention […]