Just a Story

A graphic novella in comic book format.

God and I Broke Up

Originally published 1995; 2004 translation by Maria Lundin.

Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks & Other Outlaws

In this book, the author shares personal & unorthodox ways to survive in what can be a cruel world. The book only has one directive & that is “don’t be mean”.

Mental Health and High School: a Guide for Students

This guide explores some of the issues related to being a teen & experiencing mental health problems & mental illness. The ways in which these issues can affect an adolescent at high school & strategies for dealing with them are discussed.

Living in Reality: Teen Reflections on Depression


SPEAK About: Teens; Depression and Suicide


This booklet is for young people. It suggests ways they can find help if they have a problem or have a friend who may be feeling down or in trouble.

Getting up From Feeling Down: Young People and Depression

This pamphlet is targeted towards parents as a material resource regarding adolescents & suicide. The pamphlet includes clues to look for in suicidal persons. It also includes general information on mental health, mental disorders, depression, & suicide. The pamphlet also provides examples of fictitious scenarios as to better illustrate clues to look for & strategies […]

Book Review – After a Suicide: Young People Speak up by S Kuklin

This review states that Susan Kuklin’s book gives the reader a glimpse into the thoughts & feelings of teenage suicide survivors. The reviewer states that several messages are very clear: suicide is not a solution; survivors inherit the emotional problems of the deceased & need to deal with their pain; & suicide is preventable. She […]

After the Suicide of Someone you Know: Information and Support for Young People

This handbook is specially designed to help young people cope after the suicide of someone they know. It provides information to help young people recognize & cope with their own grief. Questions they may have about suicide are discussed. Practical information about the first few days following their loss is provided. Myths about suicide are […]

Face at the Edge of the World

Creating Girl_X: Young People’s Creative Messages of Hope


Remembering the Good Times

What on Earth do you do When Someone Dies?


Coping With Self-Mutilation: a Helping Book for Teens who Hurt Themselves

In this book, teens & their parents can learn what self-mutilation is & why people harm themselves. Chapters include: what are self-mutilating behaviours, why does self-mutilation happen, companion problems of self-inflicted violence, the effects of self-mutilating behaviour, treatment options, self-help measures, more severe disorders, & how to help a friend who is self-mutilating. A glossary, […]

Coping With Depression


RAPP: Raising Awareness of Personal Power. A School-Based Suicide Education Program

The Grieving Teen: a Guide for Teenagers and Their Friends

This books addresses the special needs of adolescents struggling with loss & presents tools to help them work through their grief. A range of situations in which teens may find themselves grieving a death, whether the cause was old age, terminal illness, school violence or suicide, are covered. Strategies that teens can use to address […]

Dare to Live: a Guide to the Understanding and Prevention of Teenage Suicide and Depression


Healing Your Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas for Kids


Death and the Adolescent: a Resource Handbook for Bereavement Support Groups in Schools

When Nothing Matters Anymore: a Survival Guide for Depressed Teens

Help for the Hard Times: Getting Through Loss