Caregiver-child relationship quality as a gateway for suicide risk resilience: Don’t discount the men in Mexican descent youths’ lives

The purpose of the present study is to determine if connection with female (FC) and male caregivers (MC) could buffer the negative effects of intergenerational acculturative conflict (IAC) on suicide risk among Mexican descent adolescents and emerging adults. The sample included 722 Mexican descent adolescents and emerging adults (age range: 14-25 years, M = 19.69; […]

Parent-adolescent acculturation gap and suicidal ideation among adolescents from an emergency department

The objective of this article is to examine the impact of parent-adolescent acculturation gap on vulnerability to suicidal ideation among adolescents presenting to an emergency department with suicidal behavior. A multiethnic sample of adolescents (n = 43) and their parents (n = 43) completed an acculturation measure, and adolescents reported on emotion reactivity, hopelessness, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation. […]

“We went out to explore, but gained nothing but illness”: Immigration expectations, reality, risk and resilience in Chinese-Canadian women with a history of suicide-related behaviour.

Suicide is a complex and tragic outcome driven by biological, psychological, social and cultural factors. Women of Chinese descent and women who have immigrated to other countries have higher rates of suicidal ideation and behaviour, and immigration-related stress may contribute. To understand the experiences of immigration and their relationship with distress and suicide-related behaviour in […]

Indigenous writes: A guide to First Nations, Metis & Inuit issues in Canada.

Indigenous Writes, Chelsea Vowel initiates myriad conversations about the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canada. An advocate for Indigenous worldviews, the author discusses the fundamental issues—the terminology of relationships; culture and identity; myth-busting; state violence; and land, learning, law and treaties—along with wider social beliefs about these issues. She answers the questions that many people […]

Do first generation immigrant adolescents face higher rates of bullying, violence and suicidal behaviours than do third generation and native born?

We conducted a systematic review to examine first generation immigrant adolescentsÕ likelihood of experiencing bullying, violence, and suicidal behaviours compared to their later-generation and native born counterparts, and to identify factors that may underlie these risks. Eighteen studies met full inclusion criteria. First generation immigrant adolescents experience higher rate of bullying and peer aggression compared […]

Acculturation and ethnic identity in marginal immigrant South Asian men in Britain: A psychotherapeutic perspective.


Acculturative stress, perceived discrimination, and vulnerability to suicide attempts among emerging adults.

Cultural factors are often neglected in studies of suicidal behavior among emerging adults. The present study examined acculturative stress and perceived discrimination as statistical predictors of a suicide attempt history among an ethnically diverse sample of 969 emerging adults, ages 18-25 ( M = 18.8). Females made up 68% of the sample, and the racial/ethnic […]

Perceived racism, discrimination and acculturation in suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among black young adults.

During young adulthood the suicide rate among Blacks rises dramatically and approaches that of the U.S. general population, requiring that prevention efforts include a focus on Black young adults. Although most research on suicidality among Blacks has focused on risk factors observed in the dominant culture, in this study the authors examined associations between perceived […]

Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy

The Government of Nunavut, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the Embrace Life Council, & the Royal Canadian Mounted Police formed a partnership to develop a suicide prevention strategy for Nunavut. The strategy begins with the Partner’s vision for a healthier Nunavut. It then examines the current situation, & the historical & present-day factors that underlie & perpetuate […]

Suicide among indigenous people around the world: a conversation with a 14-year old Metis girl


Perceived racism, discrimination, and acculturation in suicide ideation and suicide attempts among black youth adults


Suicidal Ideation and Distress Among Immigrant Adolescents: the Role of Acculturation, Life Stress, and Social Support

Measures of acculturative & general life stress & a measure of multiple sources of social support were used to predict psychological distress & suicide ideation among Korean-born high school students residing in the United States. Students who were sojourning without both parents were compared to students who immigrated with both parents, students who remained in […]

Suicide in Tonga, 1982-1997

This paper examines suicide trends in Tonga & provides a measure of the magnitude of the problem. The anecdotal notion of an increasing problem is assessed. Methods to determine the epidemiology of suicide in Tonga are discussed. (9 refs.) JA

Identifying Colonial Discourses in Inupiat Young People’s Narratives as a way to Understand the No Future of Inupiat Youth Suicide

Alaska Native youth suffer disproportionately from suicide. Some researchers explain this by pointing to social disintegration brought on by rapid social change, but few make the connection to an ongoing colonialism explicit. This paper articulates some of the ways that colonial discourses affect Inupiat young people’s self-conceptions, perceived choices, &, consequently, their behavioural health. Inupiat […]

The Evolution of Epidemic Suicide on Guam: Context and Contagion

30 years of suicide rates for Guam were analyzed by age, gender, period, & cohort. Youth suicide increased rapidly in the 1990s; certain cohorts have higher rates. 4 explanatory factors are discussed, including ecological factors & migration from the Federated States of Micronesia. Direct & indirect suicide contagion followed the suicide of a respected politician, […]

Immigration and Suicidality in the Young

This review aimed to present studies of the prevalence of suicidal behaviour in immigrant youth in various countries & to provide possible explanations for suicidal behaviour in these youth, especially regarding acculturation. There are few studies & most of the research does not differentiate ethnic minorities from immigrants. The relation between immigration status & suicidal […]

Acculturation and Acculturative Stress as Indicators for Suicide Risk Among African Americans

The literature on African American suicide & the acculturation literature were examined to derive a possible explanation for increases in suicide among African American men & apparent resilience for African American women. Historically, African Americans were believed to be unaffected by suicide because of protective factors in embedded in the culture. However, minority mental health […]

Constructing a Social Problem: Suicide, Acculturation, and the Hmong

Between September 1998-May 2001, 8 Hmong teenagers died by suicide in 1 urban community. Newspaper accounts attempted to establish the suicides as the outgrowth of problems brought about by the Hmong immigration to the United States. In-depth interviews were conducted with individuals either directly familiar with the events or positioned to provide the best information […]

Suicide and Culture

The aim of this essay is to present an overview of some of the topics & issues which are present in the interaction of suicide & culture. Topics discussed include: societal & cultural suicide rates; culture & the individual suicide; the impact of a changing culture; the assumption of cultural invariability; subcultures; gender, class, & […]

Chee Chee: a Study of Aboriginal Suicide


Isumagijaksaq: Mindful of the State: Social Constructions of Inuit Suicide


Suicide in Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel: a Case for Study of the Genetic-Environmental Relation in Suicide

The linkage between immigration & suicide has been studied in various societies with conflicting results. Extremely high rates of suicide have been found repeatedly among the population of Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. These rates were significantly higher than other immigrant populations in the country. Possible explanations for this disparity are discussed & future directions for […]

Hispanic Suicide in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Examining the Effects of Immigration, Assimilation, Affluence, and Disadvantage

This study examined the structural correlates of Hispanic suicide at the metropolitan level using Mortality Multiple Cause-of-Death Records & 2000 census data. Competing hypotheses regarding the effects of immigration, assimilation, affluence, economic disadvantage, & ethnic inequality were tested. Findings point to multiple forces & complex relationships among social structure, culture, & Hispanic suicide. Findings also […]