Domestic abuse is important risk factor for suicide

A coroner’s inquest in England has concluded that the underlying cause of a 34 year old woman’s suicide was domestic abuse.1 She had previously attended an emergency department with cut wrists and expressed suicidal thoughts to police and other agencies, in the context of domestic abuse. The coroner recommended greater recognition of the link between domestic […]

The changing face of abuse cases in a pediatric intensive care unit: A single-center experience

Background: Due to the increase in abuse and neglect cases in recent years, the purpose of this study was to assess child abuse and neglect of patients who were hospitalized and followed up in our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Methods: A total of 34 abuse and neglect patients who were admitted to the PICU from August […]

Abuse and suicide risk among college students in the United States: Findings from the 2019 Healthy Minds Study

Background: Suicide has increased among American youth, and remains a concern on college campuses where students have reported increasing levels of psychological distress, alcohol use, social isolation, and loneliness. Abuse is known to be a risk factor for suicide, but more research is needed to understand whether current specific types of abuse and their co-occurrence are […]

The role of psychopathology in the relationship between history of maltreatment and suicide attempts among children and adolescent inpatients

Background This retrospective chart review study investigates the relationship between the history of various forms of abuse and the presence of mood disorders and psychotic symptoms in predicting suicide attempts among psychiatrically hospitalized children and adolescents. Method A multi‐mediation analysis was conducted with an archival dataset of 101 children and adolescents hospitalized predominantly for mood […]

Non-binary and binary transgender youth: Comparison of mental health, self-harm suicidality, substance use and victimization experiences

Background : Little research has compared the mental health and victimization experiences of non-binary youth depending on their sex assigned at birth (SAAB), or compared these two groups with binary transgender youth. Aims : To compare mental health, self-harm and suicidality, substance use and victimization experiences between non-binary and binary transgender young adults, both male […]

Pediatric hospital screening for suicide risk in adolescents referred for maltreatment

Background Adolescents who have experienced the trauma of physical or sexual abuse are at increased risk for suicidal ideation and attempt, underscoring the importance of effective screening to detect and mitigate risk. Objective This quality improvement study aimed to develop, implement, and monitor a suicide risk screening protocol to improve consistency and efficacy in identifying […]

Abuse, self-harm and suicidal ideation in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic

This study explored patterns of abuse, self-harm and thoughts of suicide/self-harm in the UK during the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic using data from the COVID-19 Social Study (n=44 775), a non-probability sample weighted to population proportions. The reported frequency of abuse, self-harm and thoughts of suicide/self-harm was higher among women, Black, Asian and […]

Hurtful words: Association of exposure to peer verbal abuse with elevated psychiatric symptom scores and corpus callosum abnormalities

OBJECTIVE: Previous studies have shown that exposure to parental verbal abuse in childhood is associated with higher rates of adult psychopathology and alterations in brain structure. In this study the authors sought to examine the symptomatic and neuroanatomic effects, in young adulthood, of exposure to peer verbal abuse during childhood. METHOD: A total of 848 […]

Prevalence and characteristics of interpersonal violence in people dying from suicide in Victoria, Australia.

Victims of interpersonal violence are known to be at increased risk of suicidal ideation and attempts; however, few data exist on the impact that violence has on the risk of death from suicide. This study examined 2153 suicides (1636 males and 517 females) occurring between 2009 and 2012. Information was sourced from the Coroners Court […]

Examining physical and sexual abuse histories as correlates of suicide risk among firefighters.

Research indicates that physical and sexual abuse are associated with increased suicide risk; however, these associations have not been investigated among firefighters—an occupational group that has been shown to be at elevated suicide risk. This study examined whether physical and sexual abuse histories are associated with (a) career suicide ideation, plans, and attempts; and (b) […]

Risk and protective factors of child-to-parent violence: A comparison between physical and verbal aggression.

Child-to-parent violence (CPV) is a social problem that remains vastly understudied compared with other forms of family violence. The aim of this study is to identify family and child risk and protective factors of CPV, and to investigate whether they differentially predict physical and verbal parent-directed violence among boys and girls. Predictors include parenting behavior […]

High acceptability of rapid HIV self-testing among a diverse sample of MSM from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The objective of this study was to explore the acceptability of rapid HIV self-testing (RHST) among men who have sex with men (MSM). Methods During 2006–2009, a sample of 500 MSM was recruited through Respondent Driven Sampling for an HIV prevalence/incidence study. Attitude toward RHST was explored among HIV negative MSM. Data were weighted prior […]

Mental pain and suicidal tendencies in sexual and physical abuse victims.

We examine differential effects of mental pain and suicidal tendencies in female victims who have been sexually and physically abused, hypothesizing that sexual abuse victims report more mental pain and suicidal tendencies than physical abuse victims. A group of 98 women completed questionnaires that measured mental pain, suicidal tendencies and thoughts, and demographic details. Sexual […]

Sexual trauma, the dopamine D4 receptor, and suicidal ideation among hospitalized adolescents: A preliminary investigation.

Though an association exists between sexual trauma and adolescent suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STBs), not all adolescents with a sexual assault history develop STBs. The present study examined whether carrier status of the DRD4 VNTR polymorphism (DRD4 L vs. DRD4S) moderated the relationship between sexual trauma and STBs in a sample of psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents. A […]

Suicide-related concerns as a mediator between physical abuse and self-harm behaviors in college students.

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Suicidal behaviors among Muslim women: Patterns, pathways, meanings, and prevention.

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Dating violence victimization, interpersonal needs, and suicidal ideation among college students.

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