Suicide grief and loss

What is unique about suicide loss? The grief experienced by people who have lost someone to suicide can be more complicated than the grief that follows other types of death. Suicide can be ambiguous – unlike other forms of death which are seen as “beyond control” of the person who died and their loved ones, […]

Peer support in suicide prevention

What is peer support? According to Schlichthorst et al. (2020), peer support is a “system of giving and receiving help, founded on key principles of respect, shared responsibility, and mutual agreement of what is helpful” (pp. 1-2). In the peer support system, two peers with shared experience of mental health or addiction issues focus on […]

Harm reduction approaches in healthcare settings

This briefing note was first drafted in July 2022 Background Harm reduction refers to interventions aimed at reducing the negative effects of health behaviours without necessarily extinguishing the problematic health behaviours completely (Hawk et al., 2017). Harm reduction approaches have been shown to be efficacious in sexual health, alcohol and substance use services (James et […]

Borderline personality disorder, suicidal behaviours and hospitalization

Selected literature review; August 2022 Research states that suicide occurs in up to 10% of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) cases (Paris 2019). However, people experiencing BPD are most likely to die by suicide later in the course of their illness. What is the best treatment for those experiencing BPD and how do we keep them […]

Guidelines for sharing experiences with suicide

This guide will provide suggestions and considerations for those impacted by suicide who would like to publicly share their experiences. People who have been impacted by suicide, either through a suicide loss or a suicide attempt, may derive a lot of strength and growth by sharing their experience. They can be passionate advocates for suicide […]

Suicide Attempt Survivors and the Value of Lived Experience

The statistics, research, language, and links used were current when this article was published, but may have become outdated. Please contact us at [email protected] for the most current information, or refer to our newer resources or latest statistics.  infoExchange is an original resource that examines topics relating to suicide in a way that encourages conversation, […]