About suicide prevention

Updated September 2023 Suicide is complex because people are complex – each person who considers suicide does so for reasons unique to them. We do know that people who think about and attempt suicide don’t want to die: they want a way out of their psychological pain or their deep sense of burdensomeness. This is […]

Together to Live website

We’re excited to announce the (re)launch of Together to Live, your step by step guide to creating a community suicide prevention plan. Together to Live includes: a planning guide that will walk you through developing, implementing, and evaluating a community suicide prevention plan real stories of communities who have taken action to prevent suicide that […]

How do I talk to someone thinking about suicide?

In this video, executive director Mara Grunau talks about how to recognize someone who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide and how to have a conversation and connect them to help. Video topics include: Warning signs for suicide How to have a conversation with someone How to connect them to help If you or […]

Buddy Up campaign

Outils pour la prévention du suicide chez les hommes

Comment parler avec une personne qui vous inquiète Les hommes et le suicide Statistiques Signaux d’alerte Facteurs de risque et de protection Le paradoxe du sexe Masculinité et suicide Comment prévenir le suicide chez les hommes? Lecture recommandée Références Be a Champion for Buddy Up (en anglais seulement) Comment parler avec une personne qui vous […]

Preventing suicide in men

How to talk to someone you’re worried about Why are men at risk of suicide? Statistics Warning signs Risk and protective factors The gender paradox Masculinity and suicide How can suicide in men be prevented? Recommended reading References Be a Champion for Buddy Up How to talk to someone you’re worried about 1. Pay attention […]

Safety plans to prevent suicide

Cliquez ici pour la version française Expert Reviewer: Dr. Yvonne Bergmans PhD, RSW While some people who consider suicide do so fleetingly or only once in their lives, others experience these thoughts ongoing or off and on over time. Suicidal thoughts can burden people and hold them hostage. Experiencing these thoughts is to experience “absolute […]

A Caring Conversation: What Suicide Prevention Can Look Like

infoExchange is an original resource that examines topics relating to suicide in a way that encourages conversation, written in an editorial style. “I was officially diagnosed bipolar when I was thirty years old. It was at that breakdown, when I was thirty and ended up in the hospital that I truly felt so disconnected and […]

You can help someone who is thinking about suicide

Cliquez ici pour la version française Haga clic aquí para ver la versión en español Today is September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day. This is the one day a year focused solely on awareness around the issue of suicide and its prevention and this year, we’re spreading the message that suicide can affect anyone and […]

Youth at Risk

For adults For youth How to ask for help Don’t blame yourself! Being unwell, whether physically or mentally, is not a sign of weakness or failure. Looking and asking for help is a sign of strength. As difficult as it is, the first step to finding solutions other than suicide is to ask for help. […]

Help save a life!

Helping someone who may be suicidal If someone you know: shows changes in behaviour, appearance, or mood threatens suicide talks about wanting to die deliberately injures themselves appears depressed, sad, withdrawn… You can help! Ask directly, “Are you thinking of suicide?” If they say yes: stay calm and listen let the person talk about their […]