Alberta suicide stats by region and age

Alberta’s provincial suicide statistics broken down by region and age. Additional resource: Edmonton Suicide Trends Report Compiled by the Centre for Suicide Prevention Last update: July 12, 2022

Cross-Canada statistics

Data sources across all provinces and territories are updated at differing time periods; as such, recent data may be incomplete due to delays in reporting. This spreadsheet provides statistics across Canada for all provinces and territories. Compiled by the Centre for Suicide Prevention Last update: January 25, 2022 Other available statistics: Alberta suicide stats by […]

Suicide stats for Canada, provinces and territories

Canada and all jurisdictions suicide statistics from Statistics Canada All of these statistics are sourced from Statistics Canada. StatsCan suppresses data points that are less than 5 to ensure confidentiality. Data are collected in April and October and include all deaths investigated by a coroner or medical examiner for the previous calendar year and any […]

The accuracy and reliability of suicide statistics: Why it matters

infoExchange is an original resource that examines topics relating to suicide in a way that encourages conversation, written in an editorial style. This article is also available in a condensed blog version. Suicide has been a hidden and unspoken action for centuries. Religious proscriptions and, later, legal penalties kept it underground and secret. In western […]