On Saturday November 9th, I Will Survive Music4Life Concert Series had its premiere. The debut was a great success with a packed house and professional local talent from Kevin Arsenault, Zoo Lion, and Stoning Mary, that had the whole place rocking!

A special thanks to the organizers of I Will Survive Music4Life Concert Series (shown in the first photo)

I Will Survive is dedicated to the lives of two friends who were lost to suicide within a two month period. The mission of I Will Survive is to remove the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness, by creating an energetic, positive, and informative environment for supporters at our events.

“The loss of our dear friends has made us realize that causes of suicide, high-risk groups, warning signs and strategies to prevent suicide are widely unknown by the general public.”

In the second photo above are Mara Grunau and Hilary Sirman of Centre for Suicide prevention taking in the festivities at the concert. Also photographed in the third photo is the entire group of support workers and organizers for the event.

The event was a success in raising support in donations to the Centre for Suicide Prevention and the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region.

To see the website for I Will Survive click this link: