We’ve just added a new resource type to our website – the briefing note. These resources provide very brief introductions to specific suicide topics, and are often accompanied by extensive research lists. 

Click on the ‘Briefing notes’ category on our resources page to check them out, or click on the links in our listing of current briefing notes below. 

Suicide grief and loss
The grief experienced by people who have lost someone to suicide can be more complicated than the grief that follows other types of death. Learn why in this briefing note.

Suicide prevention initiatives in Canada
Suicide is a mental health crisis and a public health crisis: initiatives are needed at the individual, community, and population levels to effect change. This briefing note explores what suicide prevention initiatives are currently happening in Canada, and what more could be done. 

Suicide data gaps in Canada
Complete, robust, timely data are key for designing targeted suicide prevention efforts. This briefing note is about current suicide data gaps in Canada. 

Prevalence of suicidal ideation
This selected literature review presents research and government publications approximating and confirming that around 1 in 20 people experience suicidal thoughts each year.

Peer support in suicide prevention
Peer support creates a deep, holistic understanding in which people can “be” with each other, avoiding the power structure of an expert-patient relationship. This briefing note explores the topic of peer support in suicide prevention.

Recovery-oriented practice
This briefing note considers how systems that meet the complex needs of individuals can help people thinking about suicide, as well as those experiencing mental health and substance use issues, recover.

Harm reduction approaches in healthcare settings
This briefing note explores harm reduction practices, policies, and supports in healthcare settings.

Borderline personality disorder, suicidal behaviours and hospitalization
This briefing note provides resources on the topic of suicidality and borderline personality disorder (BPD). These resources explore possible treatment for those experiencing BPD and how to keep them safe from suicide.