The Alberta Government is asking for input for the upcoming budget, and we need you to help us emphasize the importance of suicide prevention for Albertans! Copy and paste the following message into the Budget Feedback box on this page:, or respond with your own feedback.

Dear Premier Notley and Minister Ceci:

Thank you for the opportunity to provide input to the Budget 2017 Consultation process.

You asked to hear from citizens of this province on priorities and ideas on how to best meet Albertans’ needs without increasing costs or affecting front-line services.

I urge the Government to fund community suicide prevention education as a priority in this Budget. The time to act is now.

In this province, the overwhelming majority of Albertans who die by suicide do so outside of Alberta Health Services (AHS) facilities. Most Albertans who die by suicide do not seek medical support for their depression in the year leading up to their death. Vulnerable Albertans considering suicide are not in the medical system when they suffer; they are in the community.

Currently, the Alberta government only funds suicide prevention education in AHS facilities. We urge the government to fund suicide prevention education where it’s needed most: in the community.

Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP) has formally requested Alberta Health to reprofile dollars to CSP – whether they are flowed through Health, Human Services, or a coalition of Ministries – so that they may directly impact the community and benefit Albertans fulsomely. This action affirms Minister Hoffman’s stated direction towards community care, focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

Thank you for making community-based suicide prevention a priority in this province!